Posted 7 августа 2020,, 18:19

Published 7 августа 2020,, 18:19

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Tour operators informed about the sales of the tours to closed hotels in Turkey

Tour operators informed about the sales of the tours to closed hotels in Turkey

7 августа 2020, 18:19
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Many tour operators have open sales to many hotels in Turkey that are actually closed. Nobody warns Russians about this when buying a tour. On arrival, tourists are offered other hotels, much lower in quality.

Svetlana Sopronenko, general manager of the PlanetaLeta travel agency based in St. Petersburg, told the Federal News Agency that travel agencies are selling tickets to closed Turkish hotels to Russians.

According to her, it is not clear for the PlanetaLeta agency why sales to closed hotels without certification are open for many operators. “They are in all search engines, all operators are in advertising and on sale. It is very easy to book a closed hotel, ”Sopronenko stressed.

The manager warned that often the Russians may not be warned that the booked hotel is closed. As a result, vacationers are offered other options, often inferior in quality of service and located further from the sea.

Another problem for people who have issued vouchers is tours that were issued in winter. “Since yesterday, tour operators have been sending alternative options because hotels are not opening. These are not always the best options, ”the travel agency stressed.

Charter flights to Turkey will start on August 10. At the same time, the travel agency PlanetaLeta predicts a large number of complaints from vacationers who have settled in the wrong hotels. A trip to Turkey can turn into a problem for them, the expert emphasizes. Russian tourists continue to complain about the poor quality of service in Turkish hotels and non-compliance with safety standards associated with the threat of coronavirus infection. “All norms are melting before our very eyes”, - wrote the FAN journalists.

At the moment, Turkey is in fifth place in the list of countries in terms of the number of infections. The country got into the "leaders" after a new outbreak of coronavirus. At the same time, the Turkish government is negligent about the situation and does not take the necessary actions to combat the coronavirus.