Posted 8 августа 2020, 06:15

Published 8 августа 2020, 06:15

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You can't tell the difference from the truth: deepfakes are named the main threat to humanity

8 августа 2020, 06:15
Modern technology already allows to create the fake videos that cannot be distinguished from those filmed in reality. If we imagine for a moment that the heroes of these fakes will be people who make fateful decisions in their countries and in the world, then it is easy to predict a mass panic of the population.

High technologies, as science fiction writers warned, will create almost insoluble problems for mankind in the near future. The experts of the Boilernaya Telegram channel have carefully read and retold the article, which has just appeared in the scientific publication Crime Science (Criminalistics):

“Deep fakes, that is, fake videos that you will never distinguish from real ones in your life, are one of the main threats to humanity in the next 15 years. To this conclusion, scientists from University College London, who have ranked 20 different ways in which AI (artificial intelligence) can potentially serve criminal purposes. The ratings were based on the following filters: 1) the scale of the disaster caused, 2) the size of the criminal proceeds, 3) ease of creation and use, and 4) survivability. To make the study more objective, specialists from different fields of knowledge - scientists, representatives of the authorities, special services and police, entrepreneurs, etc.

Let's imagine for a moment that the puffy orange face of President Trump appears on the world's screens once again, who says: “Guys, we declare the Third World War open! Whoever didn't hide, we are not to blame. " And here's what to do after that, where to run? The muzzle is authentic, the master of reading the lips of the nose will not undermine. Whatever one may say, the tanned old man really went on the warpath. And it would never even occur to us to check Trump and ask him to name the nickname of our school physical education teacher. We will listen to him with our mouths open. A person is extremely vulnerable to deepfakes. We are so created by Nature to trust our eyes and ears. These are the basic skills that have ensured our survival since ancient times. Therefore, it is difficult even to imagine the degree of that shock and confusion that such a vidos will settle in the hearts of billions of people without exaggeration. Even if in 5 minutes the same Trump goes live from the Oval Office and his mother swears that it was a fake and there will be no war - well, who will believe him?

Deepfakes are convincing. It is impossible to prevent their appearance. Stopping the spread is hellishly difficult. And the saddest thing is that current technologies already allow creating such chimeras. Maybe right now, at this very minute, some mamkin Kulibin is sculpting something similar. Scientists who took part in the study say that deepfakes may soon become so commonplace that it will simply become difficult for an ordinary person to pull the strap in the surrounding reality - after all, he will not know where the truth is and where the lie is. Total distrust and inhibited reactions will become the only salvation for humanity. If it, of course, survives to these blessed times, and does not burn in Armageddon, caused by the very first "atomic" deepfake..."