Posted 10 августа 2020, 07:21

Published 10 августа 2020, 07:21

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Epidemiologist announced the second wave of the pandemic in mid-autumn

10 августа 2020, 07:21
The emergence of a new wave of coronavirus in the world in the fall was suggested by the doctor of medical sciences, an epidemiologist and expert in the control and prevention of viral infections Mikhail Favorov.

According to the doctor, "there will be a break in August and mid-September". He called this trend "the same seasonal fluctuations".

Favorov, in an interview for RT, said that the seasonal rise is likely to occur in mid-autumn, and those who fell ill during this period would carry the infection more severely than those who had been ill in the summer.

- It will not be as scary as expected in other places where there was no disease at all, but it can still be, because the epidemic stops with 70 percent of those immunized. And we have only 30 percent in Moscow, - the expert explained.

He suggested that during the second wave in Russia, the virus would be more aggressive than it is now. Moreover, in Moscow, a slow rise will begin quite early.

"A slow, but quite confident rise will begin, which will not reach the figures that were, for example, in April. Well, maybe it will, but it will already be released somewhere in November - January, and then a gradual decline will begin”, - Favorov said.

He noted that it would be easy to control the growth in Moscow. But Petersburg will have to prepare more seriously for the seasonal rise. As for the coastal cities, which today opened their resorts to tourists, there "the picture is more blurred".

- The painting will be between Moscow and St. Petersburg, - said the doctor.

As for the mask regime, the epidemiologist gave a long-term prognosis. In his opinion, Russians will have to wear masks for at least two more years.

- Masks for the next two years - yes. Like it or not. I hate a mask, but I wear it, - said Favorov.

The expert expressed the opinion that it is not worth introducing a new self-isolation regime until mid-autumn.

- I think that you shouldn't do this until October. In October you will close. In October, everything will be as it was in March - April. If I'm wrong, I'll be happy. Because if I'm right, then these will be deaths, - stated the epidemiologist.

His conclusions about the accuracy of the tests were disappointing. Favorov pointed out that "tests are actually purchased not on the basis of their quality, not some kind of check, not some kind of comparison with something else, but the main criterion is to buy cheaply, sell cheaply".

The doctor also suggested that the situation will last "without a vaccine - three to four years, with a vaccine - another two".

Let us recall that back in June, Rospotrebnadzor announced the start of preparations for the second wave of coronavirus.