Posted 11 августа 2020, 20:58

Published 11 августа 2020, 20:58

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Protests continue in Belarus. Day Three

11 августа 2020, 20:58
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For the third night in a row, citizens come out on the streets of Belarusian cities. Police and riot police are ruthlessly fighting their own citizens, while Belarusians continue to protest. The internet is turned off for them, but they still shout "Go away". It looks like a war with own people.

Protests continue in Minsk and other cities. The Belarusians were not stopped either by the forced departure of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, or by the cruelty on the city streets. People do not want to live in the same country as Lukashenko. They demand from him: "Go away".

There are more and more reports of the detention of journalists. It is reported that the security forces are breaking equipment for journalists and taking away the footage.

Channel "Belsat" about the arrest of Pavel Potapov and Ivan Muravyov, who were driving a car and filming what was happening on their phones. The channel's message says that the car was stopped by the traffic police, watched the video, after which the journalists were detained and taken away in an unknown direction.

Several journalists were injured near the Pushkinskaya metro station in Minsk. operator Vsevolod Zarubin was wounded in the leg. In addition, the security forces broke his camera and took away a flash drive with a video. The flash drive was also taken from Nasha Niva's photographer Nadezhda Buzhan. In addition, the security forces hit the camera of the Associated Press photographer Sergei Grits.

Maria Kolesnikova, representative of the joint headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, published a video message urging the current government to stop violence against protesters.

“We look with pain at what is happening in the country. We ask the current government not to ignore the will of the people. Do not drown her in water from water cannons, do not stun her with grenades, do not maim with bullets, do not take her with a truncheon, do not lock her in cells. We see ordinary people on the street who want changes, ”said Kolesnikova.

In the Minsk district of Kamennaya Gorka, clashes are taking place between protesters and security forces. Demonstrators blocked the exit from the city. "Nasha Niva" that the protesters dismantle the sidewalks and throw tiles into the transport vehicles. Radio Svoboda correspondent said that the protesters began to build barricades from garbage cans and stones. Soldiers of internal troops throw flash-bang grenades into obstacles. Before that, the protesters threw firecrackers into the paddy wagon, several people were detained.

The telegram channel Nexta live reports that on Serebryanka, astronauts hit their shields, people do not retreat, they stand to the end.

Protesters turn to journalists for help: "We need help on Rokossovsky. We are building barricades! OMON is stupidly standing in a line". On Kamennaya Gorka, protesters are building a barricade between the metro station and the Moscow Ring Road.

Вместе с народомВместе с народом
Вместе с народом
Фото: reports about a riot policeman who joined the protesters.

The protesters tried several times to build barricades on Kamennaya Gorka, the security forces dismantled them. At the entrance to the city, security officials stop cars, search them, and take them to their bus. The cars of municipal services have arrived, they are cleaning the consequences of the riots: trash cans, shops. The few protesters disperse.

Nexta live reports: In Uruchye, security forces began to disperse protesters. Several hundred people gathered in Kamennaya Gorka. Several dozen of them blocked the roadway to the exit from the city. The protesters threw several bottles at a passing police car.

Милиционеры больше не хотятМилиционеры больше не хотят
Милиционеры больше не хотят
Фото: Настоящее Время
Фото: Настоящее время

"Present time" informs about militiamen who do not want to participate in the war against their own people.