Posted 12 августа 2020,, 13:34

Published 12 августа 2020,, 13:34

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Belarusian opposition: “No violence! Let's disable equipment, not people"

Belarusian opposition: “No violence! Let's disable equipment, not people"

12 августа 2020, 13:34
One cannot even stutter about the legal use of the force in Belarus: OMON beats bikers, minors, cars, throws flash-noise grenades into crowds of people, shoots at point-blank range with rubber bullets, even the traffic police kicks people.

Today Belarusian writer Andrey Zhvalevsky gave a metaphorical definition of the current stage of protests in his country:

“The protest has entered a protracted phase. And this is not Maidan, but a war between a hippopotamus and horseflies. The hippopotamus seems to be stronger, but the gadflies with constant bites drive him out of himself more and more. And soon he will either run away, or get mad and blindly crash into the baobab..."

Meanwhile, Zhvalevsky's wife, writer Yevgeny Pasternak, continues to talk on her blog about what is happening in Minsk:

“I’ll say right away, I almost sat at home last night.

As always, the psyche reacts with a delay, probably yesterday I had the day of accepting the situation.

They shoot in Minsk for the third night in a row. They say that with rubber bullets. But honestly, it doesn't make it any easier. Flash-noise explosions the second night in non-stop mode.

I really want to sit down and cry, but I can't.

At the beginning of the evening it seemed that it was quiet in our area, there were alarming news from Serebryanka.

But then blazed up in the area of the Stone Hill, and again for several hours continuous explosions of light-noise.

We do not stay at home one by one, we are a handful of friends, because it is unbearable to be alone without information.

Yesterday we were sitting in a magical place with the Internet working through a proxy. At home, we simply did not have the physical Internet. Now I am the first to write from home, the Internet disappeared 9 by the evening.

All official media are still oblivious to what is happening.

I'd like to unpack the receiver in the car. I understand that GB is on duty at all FM radio stations, but, at least you can not have fun?

The confrontation became much tougher yesterday.

The impression is that the OMON has gone berserk.

I want you to understand. Protests have no focus. At all.

The only thing in the telegram channels is the instruction, which says: "Be like water!"

Repeatedly repeats: "No violence! We do not attack first! If force is used, disable equipment, not people!"

I emphasize once again - the entire massacre is on the conscience of the state.

People take to the streets by the thousands. Their demands are fair elections.

I don’t have the strength to read the comments on yesterday’s entry, but I saw what was going on there.

I understand that in Russia it is tight with information about us, I understand everything, but, damn it, our nerves are losing a little here and I will be intolerant.

Need proof that the election was rigged?

On the first day alone, independent observers filed 2,500 complaints.

Friends, this year everything is documented. At every site.

You cannot imagine the army of people who worked in the elections this year. They were not allowed into the polling stations, they stood on the streets, but even that was enough above the roof.

I already wrote, but I will repeat it again. At polling stations 75 and 73, the total voter turnout on the 9th does not converge by almost 3000 people with the official one.

The total number of voters in the two precincts is 3,800.

independent observers counted 4,430 people who entered the school on the 9th.

The commission was told that 1,500 ballots were issued.

Now imagine the state of people who stood in line for 2 hours to vote surrounded by their like-minded people. The Internet did not work, everyone met while they were standing. People came to the polling station at the time the protocol was posted, and they were told that there were 189 people for Tikhanovskaya.

"How is 189?" - as if people ask - "There are several hundred of us alone here".

The observers filed a complaint with the UK on suspicion of a criminal offense. People quickly ran through their homes, collected the signatures of those who voted for Tikhanovskaya. More than 300 people.

We had two transparent urns. By the end of the day they were overcrowded and the turnout this year was incredible. And the naked eye could see that all the ballots were folded like an accordion.)

In 151 schools, more than 1000 were written for Lukashenko and 109 for Tikhanovskaya. There were a couple of hundred people under the school. When the protocol was shown to them, people yelled in such a way that our ears were blocked.

So we are doing well with the evidence this year.

But this is for you to understand - people went berserk right after the results were announced.

This is not just a lie, it is a lie on a cosmic scale.

And the lousy intelligentsia is no longer indignant. The hard workers came. Lot. And they had such in their eyes that I would not argue with them.

I honestly tell you - I'm afraid for people.

The protests won't stop.

At night we walked home, I realized that I shy away from every shadow.

I peer at the cars that stop - there might be Chihari. Riot policemen jumped out of regular buses and ambulances yesterday. They rummage around the yards, they beat women.

People also go berserk in response. Yesterday they threw off the door on the riot policemen from the window, they screwed the people hard. In response, they began shooting at the windows.

I will walk to the subway a little later and see what happens there.

There are a lot of provocateurs in the crowd. Yesterday at Kamenka some idiot broke a shop window. And at that moment, when they were just gathering, there were no people there. The protesters shied away from him. But the valiant riot police immediately ran to screw everyone.

But BT will show pictures of pogroms, I'm sure...

Tichars (law enforcers) are delivered in dozens. And it's so convenient that the coronavirus, everyone is wearing masks...

If you have nerves, watch the video on the telegram channels. I honestly say - I can't.

OMON hits bikers, OMON hits minors, OMON hits cars, OMON throws flash-noise on a crowd of people, OMON fires point-blank at the crowd. Yes, the bullets are still rubber.

But, honestly, we are ready for anything here.

We are not talking about the law, even the traffic police are kicking people.

And again I look out the window, we have a quiet morning. And I do not believe that all this is happening in my native, quiet Minsk.

We have said so many times that Belarusians are incredible.

Incredibles are true.

But these bitches in black, these scum - they are also Belarusians.

But it really hurts. It hurts impossible.

I want to fall asleep and wake up where everything is just a coronavirus. Now it seems like a funny little thing..."


Meanwhile, data on voting in elections using digitized protocols appeared on the Internet, which clearly testify to the catastrophic vote rigging carried out by Lukashenko.

Experts draw attention to many anomalies in this graph, which are impossible with the natural distribution of votes:

  1. Inexplicable magnetization of votes for Tikhanovskaya in the region of 5%, 7-8% and 15% - how to explain, apart from the show, that T. gained 8% or 15% in many polling stations, but almost nowhere, for example, 10-11%? Lukashenko has the same zone in the region of 84%.
  2. The maximum accuracy for Lukashenko is in the region of 65-70%, but the official result is 80% - for this there should be another massive zone of votes for Lukashenko by 90-95%. Apparently, many PECs had the task of giving 65-70% of the votes for Lukashenko and not giving Tikhanovskaya more than 15%, which they did, but as a result, the CEC simply did not take these data into account and issued its own, more convenient numbers.
  3. Distribution by several zones of turnout: we see a dense zone of votes in the region of 65-72% - where Lukashenko wins; a zone around 75% -83% - where the votes of Lukashenko and Tikhanovskaya are almost equal !; zone from 83% - where Lukashenko wins again.
  4. The turnout "columns" are 90% and 96%.
  5. Areas with a turnout of more than 100%...