Posted 12 августа 2020,, 09:45

Published 12 августа 2020,, 09:45

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Photo of the day: Alexander Lukashenko was beaten by police in the Government House

Photo of the day: Alexander Lukashenko was beaten by police in the Government House

12 августа 2020, 09:45
The tradition of beating up political opponents in Minsk goes back more than a dozen of years. A photocopy of the newspaper Sovetskaya Belorussia dated June, 29, 1994, is circulating on social networks today.

On the front page, right under the headline, there is a block of articles about the beating of presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko by the police right in the Government House.

The fight with the police took place on June 28. Lukashenko tried to get into office 241 of the House of Government, where the commission on the activities of commercial organizations worked.

At that time, the politician headed it for a year. Once from the parliamentary rostrum Lukashenko read a loud anti-corruption report, the materials from which were transferred to the prosecutor's office. The supervisory authority decided to stop the work of the commission, sealed the office and put security at the door.

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This turn of events was not part of the plans Lukashenko: the politician intended to make the work of the commission permanent. He tried to enter the office, but they didn’t give him a fight.

“I haven’t met such rudeness for a long time. No one has ever held me by the breast”, - Lukashenko said in an interview with Sovetskaya Belorussia newspaper on June 29, 1994, the day after the incident.

The prosecutor's office opened a criminal case for abuse of office, the politician was recognized as a victim. True, the perpetrators were never identified, and the case was soon released on the brakes.

However, it is difficult to call the incident a beating. Especially in comparison with the current beatings of protesters, who are murdered with clubs, gassed and stunned with grenades just because people took to the streets of their hometowns and showed disagreement with the results of rigged elections.

Reports from Minsk about the events of the past night cause real shock.

According to dozens of videos posted on the network, law enforcement officers acted not only harshly, but brutally brutally: they went to protesters, journalists, passers-by and even bikers.

For example, a number of Belarusian telegram channels began to post addresses of entrances where protesters could hide. True, opposition telegram channels are also read in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, so soon the security forces began to break down the doors to the entrances, kick and baton both the hiding protesters and local residents. In addition, as evidenced by numerous videos, the police started shooting at the windows of residential buildings with an unknown purpose.

A video has got into the network, where a traffic police outfit stops bikers in a suburb of Minsk, and then, threatening with a service weapon, begins to beat them. Motorists also got their share of violence. Security officials, guided by not the most obvious logic, pulled ordinary drivers out of their cars, beat them on the street, and tried to inflict maximum damage on the cars. Equipment and flash drives were taken away from the journalists working at the protests, and also, according to the tradition established in Belarus, media workers were simply beaten.


In that still almost Soviet Belarus, the country's main newspaper publishes a statement by Lukashenko, offended by the security forces. In today's Lukashenko’s Belarus, the protests of citizens beaten and mutilated by Tonton Macoutes do not find any reflection in the state media. They are simply ignored...