Posted 13 августа 2020,, 16:41

Published 13 августа 2020,, 16:41

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The shine and poverty of the Belarusian Jeanne d'Arc

The shine and poverty of the Belarusian Jeanne d'Arc

13 августа 2020, 16:41
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The events taking place in Belarus are developing so rapidly that they resemble a play. And not a modern one, but a medieval. With cruel intrigues and strange transformations of the heroes into the dubious performers, and villains into awkward comic artists of the potato period of post-Soviet history.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Back on August 10, I called Svetlana Tikhanovskaya a civilizational hero. I wrote that Lukashenko is an obsolete archetypal Eurasian clown. His task and role was something like "the eternal Alla Borisovna" under the "eternal Central Committee of the CPSU". But the Central Committee has collapsed chaotically, and the subjects serving it naturally go into political junk.

The most comical thing is that Lukashenko had to create a facade of power around the “Ring of Omnipotence”. But at the same time, he turned out to be the weakest link. Let us allow ourselves some magical reasoning, not because we believe in magic, but because it is extremely convincing.

In fact, Lukashenko is the Kremlin's occult guardian, his clone, a robotic golem that provided security and life.

Due to its internal schizoid nature, having come into conflict with Lukashenko, the Kremlin shot itself in the leg. We do not exclude that it was a special operation. For the Kremlin has no long-term projects and cannot enter into long-term alliances.

Summing up, I would like to note that the entire post-Soviet space has suffered a radical fiasco. Finally, a woman came to the fore, incredibly courageous and reasonable for all this paternalistic space. That is why Svetlana Tikhanovskaya looked like a hero destroying the main Asian principle of the Kremlin pakhanat.

Further events developed quite abruptly, passing into a Shakespearean poem.

“Lukashenko refused to speak with Moscow at night, citing a hypertensive crisis. The generals demanded that he give the order to use live ammunition. " - Professor Valery Solovey said on his Facebook.

And the captain, looking at the broken yards,

He said that there is no way to Hyperborea. (C)

Here everything is hyperbole, metaphor, here Hitler is postmodern

Leaves fatality in inferno,

Not to be cast in the granite ourselves,

They keep themselves hypertensive

Like amber butterflies in disease

Not knowing that sometimes death is more useful.

The court cattle behaved predictably. A. Krasovsky calls to send troops to Belarus, O. Kashin suggests spitting in the eyes of every Russian who says “Long live Belarus”.

All this is in the good old traditions of the pseudo-epic clown Dugin. Notice how degenerative, pathological infantilism. No politician, not even a villain, will use marginal and destructive appeals. From "We can repeat it" to "Putin, bring in troops!", From "Yes, death!" to “Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Aging men who want to be punished. And, my God, what a shocking post-postmodern era! Evil in postmodernism turns into irony, into a parody. But schizophrenics (who they are all) are unable to be ironic. They are pathologically serious and therefore doubly funny. This is a good trend. The ideological potential of the Kremlin power has been emasculated not even in the field of meanings, but in the field of words. Soon they will begin to hum inaudibly. And this will be a new language of the nullified Russia of the “future”, a nightmarish totalitarian linguistic sophistication, somewhere far beyond Sorokin.

Apparently, when Tikhanovskaya was detained in the building of the CEC, a scandalous appeal was also recorded there, which put an end to her rapidly developing political career. Journalist Alexander Sotnik reports:

“The scandalous appeal of S. Tikhanovskaya was recorded yesterday in the office of the head of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Belarus Yermoshina. This explains a lot. The case when the armchair sofa is more eloquent than the speaker..."

The public was sharply divided into two camps, one of which defended Svetlana Tikhanovskaya “as a woman” (this is already a fatal political mistake and medieval sexism), the second demanded consistency from her.

In such a situation, the politician must be invulnerable. How much I was intimidated during all five years of my fabricated trial is hard to imagine, impossible to describe. This is a small book. This concerned the prospects of sitting "up to 10 years", threats to relatives, threats to maim, ruin health, threats to reputation, indirect promise of death.

If you enter a game called "Russian politics", you must be indifferent, invulnerable, unpredictable in your reactions and indifferent as an "outsider." Then, at 21, I was not a politician, I was an existential child, but I really wanted to be a hero. Being a hero is very easy for a certain psychotype. I got into my role.

However, Tikhanovskaya, even under the circumstances, could replay the situation in her favor, but did not do it.

Sexists and fetishists with seeds watched what was happening. The post-Soviet bored political spectator, morally matured, having acquired a "new ethic", wrinkled his forehead, spat the husk and called Tikhanovskaya ugly. As if it matters at all!

But they called the sugary, boring Yegor Zhukov handsome, who was not useful, unlike even the libertarians for the role of Navalny's youth. Zhukov is such a cross between a rural teacher, a cynic from Soviet perestroika films and a character from the Yeralash magazine. Which, like Navalny, unlike Tikhanovskaya, is not in danger.

Once Dzhemal said sexist stupidity that women should not vote - "They will like this and they will vote . " This is the approach of tribal autochthons, mindless fetishists. Alas.

It is strange that no one has yet raised the question that the best manager, official, or politician is a childfree person. Judge for yourself - such a person is not distracted by the needs of the family, it is almost impossible to blackmail him. And most importantly, his motivation for power will not be passing it on to his descendants. Thus, it will be impossible in the future to carry out the vicious practice of the family-clan oligarchy that has taken root in Russia. In the story with Tikhanovskaya, it becomes clear and understandable why we need lone politicians. Those who are difficult to manipulate.

It is sad that Tikhanovskaya herself called herself a "weak woman". It is this, and not the forced departure, that deprives her of possible political prospects. This, of course, is not Ksyusha's tear in the special operation "Elections 2018". But. This is pure Orwellianism, although I don't like such comparisons. When they are afraid, you cannot be afraid. This axiom. Political rule number 1.

In the case when an ambitious, at first glance, person appears from some depths, rapidly and dynamically gaining a public and political rating, the system, aiming to neutralize it, does not attack directly in the forehead, but forces the hero to make mistakes, fatal for his political career. At the very moment when the women's topic becomes the most relevant not only in the post-Soviet space, but also in the global world, Tikhanovskaya slipped on her.

Indisputable authorities like Svetlana Aleksiyevich, whose Nobel Prize, alas, did not become a guarantor of genius, acted in the role of the "humanists" sang along. The uncritical saints have long lost their political orientation along with ethics. Alexievich made a sexist statement of the following kind:

“I agree with the opinion of many that Tikhanovskaya did her job. She was and remains a symbol of a thirst for change, a thirst for a new life, a thirst for honesty, self-sacrifice for the people and her husband. After all, man is not omnipotent. She did what she could. I can't say anything bad about her. Now let men come to the fore. Already the Committee of National Salvation, the elite must gather, society must join the struggle, and not just these three little women".

The paternalistic-archaic speech did not evoke any criticism or reaction, because it is blocked by the author's authority. It is on such legalized persons that the pseudo-liberal consensus is held. And so he will never win. For the symbol of his freedom is the semi-comic Akhedzhakova in a small black dress. Freedom comes naked and goes too. And the mummers remain.

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