Posted 17 августа 2020,, 13:01

Published 17 августа 2020,, 13:01

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Belarusians arranged a corridor of shame for the officials who supported Lukashenko (VIDEO)

Belarusians arranged a corridor of shame for the officials who supported Lukashenko (VIDEO)

17 августа 2020, 13:01
Фото: Першы Рэгіён /
Residents of the town of Ivatsevichi in the Brest region in the south-west of Belarus arranged an unforgettable meeting with local officials who went to the pro-government rally in support of the head of state Alexander Lukashenko last Sunday.

Leaving the train, they had to pass through the assembled citizens who were dissatisfied with their actions.

“Shame! Shame!” Shouted dozens of residents of the small town gathered on the platform. Five employees of the Belarusian police, who did not interfere with the action, walked along the platform.

One of the protesters asked the deputy chairman of the Ivatsevichy regional executive committee Oleg Rovchenya, who had left the train, "How do you like this meeting?" “I am for Belarus,” he replied. "How will you continue to live here?" “With our head held high,” the official said.

Local residents expressed their indignation that none of the local officials came out to them when they were going to the square, but "they jumped to Minsk". Also, those who were observers at the polling stations noted that local officials are well aware that the elections were rigged.

Thousands of protests and strikes have been continuing throughout Belarus for the second week. A significant part of the country's population accuses Alexander Lukashenko, who has headed the republic for more than 26 years, and, in fact, declared himself the winner once again, of falsifying the voting results.