Posted 17 августа 2020, 06:54

Published 17 августа 2020, 06:54

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The TV spluttered with the vaccine and Belarusian protests

17 августа 2020, 06:54
Times are harsh now, and therefore TV is becoming a battle leaflet. The pen is equated to a rifle, or rather, the riot police to a television camera. Those who are not with us are shot around the corner, for now, fortunately, figuratively. But what will be later - who knows...

Sergey Mitrofanov

But first let's talk about the good

For once, TV has gone into useful marketing. Russia was the first in the world to make a vaccine against coronavirus, immediately reviving this entire chain of state achievements - from the first satellite, the first man in space, to now again - the first vaccine that saves humanity, which will also be called "Sputnik V".

Moreover, this is not only a moral victory, but also a tangibly material one - Russia already has a portfolio of orders worth billions of dollars. A great friend of Russia, President of the Philippines Duterte (known for supporting the practice of death squads) and President of Serbia Vucic, expressed a desire to inject themselves. True, the last one is a radish, added: "I will be the first to take this vaccine when the Serbian experts say that it is good". And they may never say that.

Duterte is, of course, more principled. It will inject, because from a friend of Putin. Although, maybe he is lying. Nobody will check whether he injected or not?

In the meantime, Putin himself with his secret daughter joined the marketing. She injected herself with this vaccine, since it seemed to correspond to the profile of her work, that is, she did what Nikolai Gamaleya would have done, whose laboratory, by the way, created this joy.

But Putin watched all the same. And this is what he told us: at first there was a high temperature - 38, and then nothing, and everyone is happy. Those. not so that the vaccine would be very harmless, and an elderly person can be killed by someone who cannot stand the temperature. Well, and the young, who is not afraid of the covid, it is possible that it will cure. But all the same, success, and in the malignant West they bite their elbows - they have not come close to creating such a thing. Envious people! Eternal competitors of Great Russia!

However, the studio also had questions. How did it happen that the vaccine was made so quickly? It turned out, however, that not quite what had been done. Full registration is expected only in January, and how Duterte and Vucic will receive their doses now is not very clear.

How many subjects have tried it? It turned out that 38. Or it will be 41 - if with Duerte, Vucic and Putin's daughter. Kommersant Naumov could not resist: but according to the protocol in the States, in fact, 30,000 subjects are supposed to be tested. They shouted at him.

Do those present trust Putin and are they ready to use the magic vaccine?

Of course, they trust and, of course, they are ready, because this positions the return of Russia to the forefront of world science. After all, this shows that we can not only make rockets that will kill everyone, but also vaccines that will cure everyone (I. Korotchenko).

“The last will be the first,” A. Okara agreed competently. “You can't live without nasty things”, - the presenter E. Popov rejected.

“By the way”, - addressing the patriot Korotchenko, “when will you try the vaccine?” But Korotchenko is a military man, he observes the rules:

- In January.

And now about the bad...

On the Belarusian front, TV is not losing ground yet, but the range of issues is outlined not in its favor.

Who really won in Belarus, if we are honest to judge? The TV continues to insist that Lukashenko, but his own picture clearly contradicts this. 82% of the percent of support, as announced by the Belarusian CEC, is total loyalty, this is “Heil, Lukashenko!”, And there are only protesters on the streets. How so? Isn't there any contradiction here visually revealed to us?

How should we treat the fact that the Belarusian OMON behaved like punitive fascist units (comparisons with El Salvador began), and thousands of testimonies to this?

According to TV, they later apologized, and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, Yuri Karaev, took responsibility for himself, without resigning, however, and without losing his appetite. However, one will not be full of apologies: the punishers were shooting at the windows of civilians, and then it suddenly turned out that the deceased did not die from a self-detonation, as they used to say, but they shot at him. Now, to the place of the hero's death, European ambassadors, besides Mezentsev, bring flowers, about which Skabeeva put it this way: "Absolutely disgusting laying on of flowers..."

The TV rests on the fact that there is a peaceful protest, and, in general, there are no problems with it, but there is a non-peaceful one, and this is where a conflict occurs, similar to scenes from El Salvador. But for some reason no one asks: what result do you expect from a peaceful protest? Like people walked around with balls and were tired?

No, probably the goal is to be heard and meet peaceful demands. And if the government does not hear you, falsifies elections and sends punishers, then the peaceful protest, of course, must end, and society really gets the right to revolt.

The TV itself is drowning in its own fakes. For example, here is a funny demonstration of the Belarusian official TV, which is also rebroadcast here. The detainee by the Belarusian tontons-macoutes testifies that ... political scientist Dmitry Bolkunets was bribing him to protest. Bolkunets allegedly gave 30,000 pieces of silver to buy laser pointers to shine into the eyes of the riot police. And Bolkunets is here in the studio next to Skabeeva! He is in Moscow, not in Belarus. But Skabeyev somehow does not fixate on this, and everyone chuckles a little good-naturedly at Bolkunets: but you, as an agent of influence, will be jailed, you will be objective here.

Alexey Leonkov, editor of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland", similar to Porthos, speaks with a terrible story, which after accusations against Bolkunets is strange to listen to. It turns out that the headquarters of Tikhanovskaya planned to kill her herself for the hype. It was not Lukashenko who planned, but her own headquarters.

- Well, where is this information from? Popov asks, somewhat puzzled. Apparently, this story has not yet entered everyday life.

-From the Belarusian GB. That is why Tikhanovskaya fled.

Meanwhile, the circumstances of Tikhanovskaya's emigration are being clarified already at the official level. The head of the CEC of Belarus, Lidia Yermoshina, confirmed that the video with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was indeed recorded in her office. Yermoshina said that she left Tikhanovskaya with her lawyer and two high-ranking security officials, and left, quietly closing the door behind her, because the CEC, apparently, is a branch of the Belarusian special services.

There, right at the CEC, Lukashenko's tontons-macoutes made an offer to the elected president to leave the country, which she could not refuse.

Class! And we are looking at all this!