Posted 18 августа 2020,, 09:30

Published 18 августа 2020,, 09:30

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Fifteen for the one! How the security forces of Kuzbass kept the activist so that he would not "blather"

Fifteen for the one! How the security forces of Kuzbass kept the activist so that he would not "blather"

18 августа 2020, 09:30
The Kuzbass authorities “put on their ears” several dozen police officers and other security agencies to hinder the public activities of only one civil activist.

Amusing arithmetic resulted in his blog Kuzbass activist and businessman Vyacheslav Chernov, who has decided to go public affairs of his town in the regional center. It was not so - Chernov was deliberately blocked by traffic police officers under a fictitious pretext:

“Let's calculate how many law enforcement officers the authorities used in the“ how it happened ”regime in response to my initiative to visit Kemerovo in order to meet with like-minded people.

1. An employee of the "E" subdivision, who tracked my Facebook entry

2. An employee who carried out the order to place "compromising evidence" on me on a garbage FSB resource created to discredit civil activists.

3. Deputy Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tashtagol, Police Lieutenant Colonel I.V. Konovalov, who handed me an official warning about the inadmissibility of actions that create conditions for crimes.

During a short, five-minute conversation, he managed to tell my wife and me how upset the Ukrainian "golden eagle" was, that he was not allowed to crush the protesters harshly, as in Belarus, and also twice reminded me that I have a business.

4. The deputy head of the traffic police in Novokuznetsk, the police captain, who snatched me out of the dense stream of cars entering Novokuznetsk, made a complaint about my skin and told me to wait for the crew, which would take a medical examination for alcohol content.

5. Police Lieutenant Andreyev. Arrived at the place and, without even looking at me, expressed his suspicions that I was in a state of intoxication.

6. Senior lieutenant. Andreyev's partner.

As it turned out later, the traffic police crew #469, which includes Lieutenant Andreyev and his partner, is regularly used to counter civil activists. On the same day, I was thrown a link to a video where these officers were preventing the journalist from moving by stopping the car and, on the same grounds, detaining him on the way for several hours.

As you can see, we are dealing with special people in the traffic police unit, who are sent to perform special tasks related to illegal actions and pressure on active, decent citizens. Attackers use a loophole in the law, which allows them, on a completely false suspicion of changing the skin of the face, to detain activists for several hours in order to thwart plans for the day.

The following employees were stationed in the square where I intended to arrive:

7. Officer of the press service of the Kemerovo MIA Administration Andrei Altman. He was on the square in civilian clothes with equipment for shooting.

8. A police major who refused to introduce himself to the citizen who applied to him.

9. Head of the Public Order Department of the Russian MIA Administration for the city of Kemerovo, Police Lieutenant Colonel Denis Oskin.

10. A police officer who was in the vicinity of the previous two officers.

11. A passenger car with a complete crew.

12. A paddy wagon with a riot police unit.

13. Unidentified number of plainclothes staff.

14. Well, what about without big bosses who coordinated their actions and gave orders.

Whatever you say, friends, but if at the slightest rustle the authorities react with a direction to suppress simple freedom of movement and meeting with like-minded people, such forces, they definitely have something to hide and the desire to cling to the feeding trough at any cost is surprisingly strong.

A power that is so afraid that an ordinary meeting of friends causes such panic in them is definitely not the people's power.

But you know, despite all this, that day I was not so much amazed by the actions of the police, which are understandable and understandable, as made me upset by the behavior of two drivers who were stopped as attesting witnesses for my suspension from driving.

They did not even bother to look at me and before I, while waiting for an invitation in the car, realized that the attesting witnesses had already been involved, they had already participated in the registration for several minutes, and after I approached them and started asking questions - how could it turns out that they are involved in the removal from management on suspicion of drunkenness of a driver whom they did not even see, they aggressively and irritatedly drove over me, saying, “what’s this, if everything is okay, they’ll check it and go on”.

There was not the slightest solidarity with me. Only slavish, absolute obedience to employees who at that time were carrying out a criminal, illegal order.

To civil society, alas, friends, we are like walking to the moon...