Posted 19 августа 2020,, 08:23

Published 19 августа 2020,, 08:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Austrian Chancellor announced the need for new elections in Belarus

Austrian Chancellor announced the need for new elections in Belarus

19 августа 2020, 08:23
Фото: РБК
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz believes that the re-election in Belarus is a necessity, as is the dialogue between the opposition and the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko.

“We need new elections, which will be free and fair”, - said Kurz before the start of the EU summit on the situation in the republic.

Let us remind you that the authorities of Ireland and Canada have announced that they do not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney called Lukashenko an illegitimate president. Canadian Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne called the elections "rigged" and called on the OSCE to conduct "a thorough investigation into this matter."

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her outrage at the behavior of the Belarusian security forces, who harshly suppressed the protests that began after the presidential elections. Later, during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, she said that the Belarusian authorities must stop using force against peaceful demonstrators.

At the same time, the leaders of five parties of the European Parliament published a joint statement in which they noted that the presidential elections held on August 9 in Belarus could not be called fair and fair.