Posted 20 августа 2020,, 12:29

Published 20 августа 2020,, 12:29

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Gasification of Russia is postponed because there is not enough money for it

Gasification of Russia is postponed because there is not enough money for it

20 августа 2020, 12:29
Not only the debts of Russians to Gazprom are growing rapidly, the gasification plan is practically not being implemented.

Russian consumers owe 331 billion rubles for gas, said the head of the Accounts Chamber Alexey Kudrin at his meeting with Putin. Moreover, this debt to Gazprom turned out to be higher than the quarterly revenue - 322.7 billion rubles - of the company for the sale of fuel on the domestic market of the country and four times higher than the quarterly revenue from gas supplies to the former republics of the USSR. Moreover, this year Russians' debts for gas have practically doubled: on January 1, they were estimated at 174.9 billion rubles.

Gas supplies "without a contract" are still going on to one of the North Caucasian republics, Kudrin said, without specifying which one, while earlier decisions on this issue are not being implemented.

The situation with gasification of Russia is no better - its plan has failed in 3 years, it has been fulfilled by only 15%!

And all because, Kudrin explained , gas supply is unprofitable, since its cost is often higher than the tariff. Previously, this difference was covered by Gazprom itself from its export revenues, however, with the fall in gas prices in Europe due to the pandemic, this revenue decreased by 15-20%, and export revenues in the 2nd quarter decreased by half, becoming minimal over the past 18 years - $ 3.5 billion. So the gasification plan runs the risk of failure, Kudrin warns.