Posted 20 августа 2020, 09:23

Published 20 августа 2020, 09:23

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"Or maybe she is Stirlitz in a skirt!" What does the chanson singer and deputy Yulia Mikhalchik live on?

20 августа 2020, 09:23
The famous blogger suggested that the singer and MP Mikhalchik leads a luxurious life, working as a secret agent.

The writer Lena Miro took up in her blog on Yulia Mikhalchik, who, although she declared herself a singer, does not know how to sing. But what does she live on then? - asks Miro, because you can hardly lure anyone to her concerts...

It turned out that in addition to the Chanson radio, on which she regularly speaks, Mikhalchik also travels to hot spots. Gives concerts in Lugansk and Donetsk. Who pays for this nonsense, Miro could not find out. Probably some kind of the "talent" fan. But the most piquant thing is that Mikhalchik suddenly became a whole deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly!

And immediately, judging by the photographs, her affairs went uphill: she also had a bag from Dior, a watch from Rolex, and a new car, which appeared almost immediately behind the deputy's crust.

“All this leads me to the very sad thoughts. A person did not take place in the profession, hates and throws shit on her more successful colleagues, sings only on request from places where wars are going or are about to start...”- writes Miro.

And then she expresses an assumption: maybe Mikhalchik is some kind of a new Shtrilitz, perhaps in a skirt? She spies under the guise of a singer, gets secret information either in Donbass or in Minsk. Well, and being a deputy in Russia is, as we know, an excellent cover...