Posted 20 августа 2020,, 14:16

Published 20 августа 2020,, 14:16

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Yefremov's lawyer was suspected of bribing the witnesses

Yefremov's lawyer was suspected of bribing the witnesses

20 августа 2020, 14:16
The defense representatives of the victims in the criminal case of Mikhail Yefremov stated that they have evidences of bribery of the witnesses from the actor's lawyer side.

It is reported by Interfax.

“We are filing a petition to attach a document testifying to Elman Pashayev's bribing of witnesses”, - said lawyer Irina Khairullina on Thursday at the Presnensky Court of Moscow, where Yefremov’s lawyers continue to provide evidence in the case. The lawyers said they have a “key” witness who will testify soon.

Meanwhile, the actor's wife, Sofya Kruglikova, said that Yefremov had never admitted his guilt in the death of Sergei Zakharov, who was injured in an accident by the artist. When he found out about what had happened, Kruglikova said, Yefremov "sobbed and prayed".

- My husband was badly rumpled and was surprised to see us with the children at home. I took off all his clothes, he cleared his throat and he felt bad. He had a split lip and I checked the handkerchief in my pocket. There was some kind of blood and mucus, - channel 360 reports the words of Yefremov's wife.

Earlier, Yefremov's lawyers said that hackers could drive his car at the moment of leaving the oncoming lane on June 9.

Let us recall that the actor is being tried by the head of the accident in which Sergey Zakharov died. Yefremov faces 12 years in prison.