Posted 21 августа 2020,, 10:25

Published 21 августа 2020,, 10:25

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Just take 1200 euros and have a rest: Germany begins an experiment with the unconditional basic income

Just take 1200 euros and have a rest: Germany begins an experiment with the unconditional basic income

21 августа 2020, 10:25
To start with, the volunteers will be selected who will begin to receive 1200 euros per month, but at the same time are free to continue to work or not work in their profession.

1200 euros for Russia is a lot of money, even for the middle class, but in Germany they will soon be distributed to everyone. The German Institute for Economic Research, together with researchers from the Max Planck Institute and the University of Cologne, are launching an experiment to study the effect of an unconditional basic income on human behavior.

In the framework of the project, which is funded by private donations, a randomly selected 120 people from different walks of life, regardless of their income, will receive 1200 euros per month.

On the official page of the project it is said that now the stage of application is underway, when their number reaches 1 million, a representative group will be formed, from which 20 thousand people will be selected, who will have to fill out a more detailed questionnaire. After that, 120 people will be selected from them to receive an unconditional income of 1200 euros / month for 3 years and a control group in the amount of 1380 people, which will receive nothing. Both groups must complete 1 questionnaire every six months. That is, we are not talking about any volunteers, this is a scientific experiment for 120 people.

The researchers are going to track changes in their behavior over the next three years.

Journalist Dmitry Klein, who lives in Germany, rejoices:

“So the process is going on slowly, of course. Obviously, in the next three to five years this idea will not be defeated yet (at least in Germany), but I would say that in seven or ten years Europe may well launch an unconditional basic income - and this is correct, in my opinion..."

Public figure Alena Popova analyzes this news from the point of view of a citizen of Russia:

“Participants in the experiment can earn extra money if they want. Or they may not work and spend this money as they please.

The amount of the payment corresponds to the poverty line, at which the financial possibilities of a person for existence and participation in the life of society are limited. That is, a person still has enough motivation to work and participate in the country's economy. “We want to find out how unconditional basic income is changing people and society. We want to know what this does to behavior and attitudes, and whether basic income can help to cope with the current challenges faced by our society, ”the organizers of the experiment said.

Many countries are thinking about introducing an unconditional basic income in the future, but not in Russia. We live in the richest country in the world with natural resources, but our state does not have enough money even to pay meager pensions. If Russia had a strong innovative economy, all oil and gas budget revenues could be transferred directly to citizens. Such payments would help many Russians get out of poverty, improve their health, improve their living conditions, retrain and change their hated job for a good one. In addition, all citizens would begin to feel that natural resources are indeed our national treasure.

Sounds too utopian? Yes, with the current regime one can only dream of that. Instead of the basic income, we get an increase in the retirement age, the commercialization of medicine, the introduction of new taxes, excise taxes and duties..."

It is clear that many people like this prospect, because, as one blogger put it, “Basic income will make a person calmer and more confident, he will not be afraid of losing his job (the only source of income) or trying himself in another profession... such a person will be more fun, and kinder, and healthier...", but not everyone.

Here are just a few of the critical comments on basic income:

- Very much against. Money is always not taken from the cabinet. If bums are paid, then it’s definitely from the pockets of those who work hard.

- They will never work again. This is the goal - to prepare society for life in the economy of the 6th technical structure. Developed countries can afford it.

- And in the meantime, in one country taken separately, people are on guard for delays at hypermarkets.

- Everything is fine, only I would not let people into this program without seniority at least 3-4 years and / or to have a higher education. It all makes sense when a person is striving for something, but the need to "support his pants" greatly spoils the trajectory of his development.

PS Immigrants there who have never worked (and probably never will) are darkness. When you come to the ghetto near Munich, you are greeted by dozens and hundreds of cheerful people who are not at all tired after a working day. I see no reason to increase sales of playstations and clothes at the expense of taxpayers.