Posted 21 августа 2020,, 10:35

Published 21 августа 2020,, 10:35

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Note to a politician: what ideas can be “sold” to the Russian voter

Note to a politician: what ideas can be “sold” to the Russian voter

21 августа 2020, 10:35
The "deep people" of Russia will never go to vote for abstract humanistic values, but they will fully vote for concrete "justice"

In less than a month, on September 13, Russia will host a Unified Election Day, which will complete election campaigns at various regional and federal levels. Economist Dmitry Milin published a very interesting post, in which he outlined the points of ideas that a mass Russian voter can vote for:

“What can be“ sold ”to the“ deep people”, that is, to the mass Russian voter?

Abstract freedoms, rights, legality, liberalism cannot be “sold” to him, these abstractions have no value for him.

However, as I wrote earlier, the Russian mass voter, that Surkovian "deep people" is extremely cynical and rational. He is well aware of his specific benefits and values it a couple of orders of magnitude higher than any economic and philosophical abstractions. Those. no analogues of #BLM or #MeToo can "sell" him, and an attempt to "sell" can cause an aggressive reaction towards his own person.

So, what can you sell:

1. Federalism - the right to choose their own governors from their own local cadres, instead of appointing Moscow governor-general-technocrats. This is a very strong proposal. The country is already ripe for that, the current Kremlin is not ripe.

2. Reducing the content of officials. Refusal from "business class" in transport, payment for expensive hotels, refusal from business cars and "flashing lights", from separate dining rooms, with maximum transparency and accessibility. The officials do not want to be open, communicate with people and travel by public transport - "get out of the office".

3. Justice, like equality before the law. No indulgences to the "golden youth", oligarchs, artists and singers. Anyone who has "unchecked" - deprivation of rights for a couple of years with confiscation of cars. Anyone who calls the traffic police inspector to stand up for "vip" - is dismissed from the service, possibly with dismissal.

Traffic police fines depending on the catalog value of the vehicle (model + year of manufacture). The situation when a pensioner on a “kopeck” and a “major” in a “G-Wagon” pay the same fines is intolerable, shameful and senseless. Any fixed fines will be too large for a pensioner and too small for a major.

4. All license plates from "AAA", "SKR" and other prestigious series are removed at a time and forcibly, and cars are sent for re-registration to numbers from rotation, and "vip-series" go to ordinary drivers or are sold at auction to those who wish - money from this go to the FIU.

5. Control over the police. Traffic police officers have 100% video recording of all actions 360 degrees around the car plus a GPS track. When fixing any violation of the rules, fixing the location and time. And then by the "big-date" method, analysis of movements and places of collection of fines. If, for example, fines are “brought” from one place with a controversial installation of signs or fines “for drunk driving” mostly in the morning with a slight excess of the norm, then the dismissal of a traffic police officer is “cumulative” and publicly.

In police stations, 24-hour video surveillance is everywhere, even with control of the offices of employees. Although it might be worth considering glass walls in police stations. For any fact of torture, the release of the detainee with the initiation of a criminal case against a police officer.

Leave the pension fund for police officers unchanged, the more we quit without a pension, the higher the pension for those who honestly served. Dismissal from the police for violations is always with a loss in rank by one level or several, depending on the offense.

6. Tax cuts. VAT to be reduced to 15% with a reduction in expenses for officials, the police, the Russian Guard (up to the liquidation of the structure) and the army. Stop all national projects, close all state "development institutions" and "business assistance", followed by a thorough retrospective audit of their activities for the entire period of work. In case of detection of improper spending of funds, deprive the responsible of all allowances and bonuses received during the work of officials. If a one-time return is not possible, apply for a loan. All the money collected in this way should be sent to the FIU.

7. All fees for the confiscated property of corrupt officials and other seizures go to the FIU and are paid once a year to all pensioners equally before the new year in a separate payment..."