Posted 21 августа 2020, 07:42

Published 21 августа 2020, 07:42

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The court did not believe the witness for the defense of Yefremov, who turned out to be blind in one eye

21 августа 2020, 07:42
The court did not begin to attach the testimony of a defense witness in the case of a fatal road accident involving Mikhail Yefremov.

Alexander Kobets, who admitted that he had vision problems and was also blind in one eye, claimed that at the time of the accident Yefremov was sitting in the passenger seat, and "a certain man" was driving.

Kobets stated that Yefremov was not alone in the car and was not driving. A certain "man of Slavic appearance" was driving the car, the "key" witness of the defense claimed.

At the same time, the lawyer of the victims, Alexander Dobrovinsky, found oddities in these testimonies.

- The witness saw the airbag through the lowered glass, but according to the examination it was not lowered, - the words of the lawyer to RBC.

In addition, Dobrovinsky noted that the witness confirmed that the man who was driving, who was allegedly sitting behind the wheel, removed the airbag with his bare hands after the accident. But according to the examination, only Yefremov's DNA traces were on the pillow and steering wheel.

Let us recall that Mikhail Yefremov drove into the oncoming lane on June 8 and collided with a car, the driver of which died from injuries. Now the actor faces 12 years in prison.

After the incident, the actor recorded a video message in which he repented and pleaded guilty. However, he later changed his position, stating that he did not remember anything about the accident, because he was drunk.

Yefremov was really drunk. In addition, traces of drugs were found in his blood, and illegal substances themselves were found in the car.