Posted 21 августа 2020,, 12:23

Published 21 августа 2020,, 12:23

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These children will not forgive the state for their humiliation: who and how gets into the AUE network*

These children will not forgive the state for their humiliation: who and how gets into the AUE network*

21 августа 2020, 12:23
The state itself is to blame for the unprecedented flourishing of thug romance among the adolescents.

With whom, what with and how will we fight? If children do not see the light of an interesting life, the light of the future, then who is to blame? The Supreme Court recognized the AUE movement as extremist and banned its activities within the Russian Federation.

Sergey Baimukhametov

It is this sequence that captures the essence. And she is vague. Is this why the session of the Supreme Court was held behind closed doors, and short fragmentary quotes from the press release and the statement of the Prosecutor General's Office were brought to the public?

Almost all media outlets came out with the headlines "The Supreme Court recognized the AUE as an extremist movement." But this is the legal vagueness, that there is no "movement". After all, “movement” means something structured, organized, with a certain center of decision-making. However, AUE is not a movement in this sense. This is a youth subculture with criminal and criminal ornaments, one might say - ideology. Therefore, presumably (legally), the Supreme Court first recognized this subculture as a “movement”, and then declared it “extremist”.

All of these are very significant nuances that will affect when it comes to law enforcement practice. Now, if we exaggerate, some fool can be sentenced under the article “Extremism” - for a tattoo. For example, he read in books that the "thieves" of the past years made tattoos "ELEPHANT" ("death to a cop from a knife"), and did it for himself. And at the trial, a lawyer with a sharp mind will say: “By the word“ cop ”my client meant the breed of hunting dogs. And you, citizens, investigators and judges, what did you think? And if you judge him, then for the call for cruelty to animals ... "

If you do not exaggerate, then here is a very real example. For two years now, in Yekaterinburg, there has been (standing still) the trial of two citizens who are accused of creating an "extremist community". In fact, they did not even come close to the criminal world, they are the owners of an online store of hand-made products. In his public "A.U.E." published pictures advertising and selling backgammon, chess, lighters and phone cases with inscriptions on them in the spirit of criminal romance: “Love me like a rose water, and I like you, like a thief - freedom”, “A vagabond in life, a thief in need. Kaifarik in color, romantic at heart","Salam to thieves [...] garbage".

Of course, adults are unforgivable. We must understand that praising the thieves' "romance" is at least antisocial.

But there is nothing to judge them for. There is no such article. The quoted statements are not included in the list of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as extremist and prohibited for distribution. Now, after the decision of the Supreme Court, they can be charged with the article of the Criminal Code "Extremism".

I cite this case as an example of how the fight against AUE can go.

And, finally, what is AUE. It seems to be deciphered as "Prisoner Urkagan unity", "Prisoner criminal unity", "Prisoner way of life is one".

And it's very dangerous. Because it propagandizes and instills among minors thieves, prison concepts. In ideology and in action.

Back in 2016, the executive secretary of the Human Rights Council, Yana Lantratova, told President Putin: “There is a man in prison, and he has his own watchers at will, and they communicate, including with children in social institutions, establish their own order. And teenagers are forced to hand over to the common fund for the zone. And if the child cannot hand over the money or cannot steal and commit some crime, he goes into the category of "lowered". He has a separate desk, separate dishes, you can mock him and you can rape him. "

Boys from 10 to 17 years old are involved in AUE.

In June 2017, Moscow high school students and students chanted “Gryffindor! Gryffindor! Gryffindor!" We said: “It doesn't matter who they grew up with - what matters is what books they read. What clean, bright faces they have!"

At the same time, one of the most powerful Russian journalists, Alexei Tarasov, opened our eyes to the situation in the teenage environment of Eastern Siberia and Transbaikalia for thousands of readers:

“For children, these three letters mean a kind of secret knowledge, no one will undertake to reveal it to you on the fly, there is no statement in any criminal case that someone committed a crime proceeding solely from the ideology of AUE. But without this phenomenon, the current criminalization of adolescents cannot be understood at all ... First of all, it is an identification mark: “ours” - “alien”. Saying these three letters by you means: you know. Or - you support thieves' concepts. It all depends on the context. It's either a greeting or a threat. Example: "Aue, come here"; "Hey, let the mobile phone call"; "Aue, who are you anyway?" This is an exclamation point, and it is also used as an appeal, a cry... There are no rules here, but sometimes it happens like this. A child is approached if he has reached the age of fifth or sixth grade. Usually there are two of them, they are older. They start a conversation.

The child can be alone or in the company of peer friends. They speak with children in thieves' argo - they break through, whether you understand or not. But you’re not a mama’s son ... The rest is almost predetermined ... Down the steps: the child will be quite peacefully explained something about the “concepts”, they will reveal all this nonsense and filth -Zon's romance... The Prosecutor's Office of the Trans-Baikal Territory: “Currently in Chita and districts of the region, there are stable groups of young people aged 14-18, as a rule, from disadvantaged families ... The groups are well organized, distinguished by cohesion, and have connections with persons serving sentences in correctional institutions. In some vocational schools, general education schools, boarding schools in the region's districts, such groups implant a criminal worldview, extortion from students of money is committed, allegedly for the formation of the so-called common fund and its transfer to penitentiary institutions".

At the same time, a responsible officer of the Investigative Committee of Russia, speaking in the State Duma, appealed to colleagues from the Ministry of Internal Affairs: “You absolutely cannot imagine the situation that is happening ... About six years ago, when I arrived in the Trans-Baikal Territory, where a nine-year-old boy was subjected to systematic sexual violence. There were school notebooks where it was written: the proprietor, the beholder, the thief in law. Not only this child, everyone in the orphanage had it. A lot of officials arrived. They ask me: that so many cars have arrived? I say, you know, such an emergency happened here, a young child was raped here, in a boarding school. They say to me: you know, in every school in the Trans-Baikal Territory there are tables for the lowered ones. I say - it cannot be. All this was confirmed. The fact that every school has a common fund. Why don't you know about this? You work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs!"

We admired the bright faces of Moscow schoolchildren and students who chanted “Gryffindor!” At the anti-corruption rally and did not see that Darkness was approaching. Nobody, of course, will determine the number of people involved in AUE, but the account can go to hundreds of thousands. And this Darkness is constantly and steadily expanding.

What will the recognition of AUE by an extremist movement give? Will the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the TFR, the FSB (and the FSB were in charge of the case in Yekaterinburg!) Along the line of least resistance? What's easier: keep track of correspondence on the Internet and grab the boys. But it is necessary to investigate every case of coercion, involvement, threats, and even in a teenage environment, with a special legal status, difficulties of the investigation. Well this is dreary, troublesome, kind of petty, no honor, loud reports about "extremism". A - it is necessary that not a single case goes unpunished. So that every senior seducer from AUE knows: his game in the “zone” will turn into a real “zone”, and in what status he will be there - the night dew is written on the barrack window ... By the way, all these investigative actions can (and should) be performed without a decision Of the Supreme Court on AUE as an extremist organization.

Be that as it may, law enforcement agencies are dealing, relatively speaking, with bodies. And here we are talking about souls.

Boys born in the 40s and early 50s will, of course, remember their adolescence, the first post-war decades. After all, we lived in a criminal camp atmosphere: homelessness, punks of the war and post-war years, an avalanche of prisoners, mainly under criminal articles, who left the camps under the 1953 Beria amnesty. Everything is close, close, in the neighborhood in the literal sense. Opposite there lived my elder good friend Kolka Migunov - I am grateful to him for the rest of my life for seeing and reading the magic book "White Fang" in his house. Alas, Kolka soon followed that path ... Another neighbor of ours - recently "leaned back", and was not a simple prisoner, but "an overseer in Serlag," in our regional Sergeyevsky camp, "held the zone." A general portrait from those times: a fixa (a crown on a tooth), a Finnish woman with a plexiglass handle, a hooligan cap, a special shuffling gait, manners, deliberately slowed down speech, thugs romance... It seemed that she sets the tone for life.

But no. In fact, the current situation is strikingly different from the old one. For the worse.

The thugs romance of those old years passed by me, by my friends, by the absolute majority of older and younger comrades in our school, in other schools.

Why? Because we had a school. We lived in a school, disappeared in it from morning to evening, published newspapers, rehearsed performances, planed something, sawed, sharpened on lathes, prepared poetry evenings, argued about “something smart”, practiced in all sports sections at once; we fought with the cleaners, the watchmen, who did not let us into workshops, classrooms, assembly halls and gyms at untimely hours (there is no need to dirty the floors!), but we fought and won, because we knew that the school was OURS. "Knew" is not the right word, of course. I try to express an inexpressible feeling. Not "our school", but "the school is OUR". This was not even a matter of course, but was a natural condition for the existence of the world. Like air. Nobody says: "the air is ours". We cried saying goodbye to school. Although, at the same time, they were already joyfully rushing into tomorrow.

And next to us were other boys, who had gone into the gateways, huddled in flocks ... They did not call themselves "thieves", because "thieves" is already a criminal status, and they had not grown up yet, and therefore they were called "rogue". We did not go into their doorways, but for some reason they came to our school evenings, to sports and assembly halls, and stood there, looked ... If they considered themselves heroes, almost "thieves", then why did they come? Did they show themselves? No, even then I felt: it was for them the attractive light of a different, interesting life, envy. I still feel sorry for those boys. Despite the bravado, they knew that they were on the sidelines.

The current AUE does not think that it is on the sidelines. It is aggressive, offensive, feels in charge. To a large extent because it covers a significant part of adolescents.


Because the school is already different. She ceased to be a magnet, a beacon, the center of an interesting life, the center of children's life in general. According to the results of a sociological survey, the majority of adolescents believe that the main reason for crime among them is the absence of clubs and sections in schools.

How did it happen? According to law. According to the law of the Russian Federation of 2011, all budgetary institutions of the country, including schools, are allowed to earn money, introduce a list of services financed by the state, and the population must pay for other services. For optional, for additional lessons, for sections, circles... For everything that is interesting, exciting and attractive for children.

From the report of the All-Russian Popular Front of 2019:

“22% of Russian children do not attend any additional classes today. Not every family, especially in the village, can afford paid classes - since the end of 2017, the average monthly fee for one circle has increased from 3084 to 3462 rubles. 28% of parents whose children do not receive additional education reported that the family budget does not provide for such costs. In Russia as a whole, the share of paid services in the field of additional activities for children and meaningful leisure is 62%.

Let's take a look at the website of an ordinary Moscow school. Here is the "List of additional paid educational services GBOU №...".

If anyone does not know, in the state clerical language the school is now called - GBOU, “State budgetary educational institution”. So, in this list of paid services of GBOU - 93 (!) Items. Including playing musical instruments, modeling, study circle, basketball football, dancing, handicraft circle, etc.

93 action points.

In other words, the school doors are closed in front of some boys and girls after lessons. And in front of others, for money - wide open.

This means that children from poor families are in the category of second-class children. From childhood they feel rejected, humiliated, live in envy, if not in hatred for others, for the "rich". Which one will grow up? Already grown up. ENEMIES OF SOCIETY. They do not forgive anyone and will not forgive the feeling of bitter resentment and humiliation experienced in childhood.

And what is the result?

The answer is AUE.

If these children do not see the light of an interesting, exciting life, do not see the light of the future, then who is to blame?

* Extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation.