Posted 24 августа 2020,, 14:51

Published 24 августа 2020,, 14:51

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Question of the day: who are the ones Lukashenko and his son Kolya going to shoot at?

Question of the day: who are the ones Lukashenko and his son Kolya going to shoot at?

24 августа 2020, 14:51
Yesterday the Belarusian president appeared in Minsk and posed for journalists in camouflage uniforms and with a machine gun.

And at first he flaunted with a Kalashnikov without a loading case (the guards did their best to observe the remnants of the common sense), but then, you see, Luka's zealousness leaped even more, and the loading case appeared on the machine.

Who was he going to shoot at? - asks the sociologist Alexey Roshchin. And he answers:

“The most amazing thing is that the large crowd of couch people immediately squealed in delight -“ Oh, what a creative move!”, “What a macho he is, this potato Fuhrer! Oh, we underestimated him!" And the most erudite and completely ecstatic declared that" bam "instantly became like Salvator Allende in 1973 and Boris Yeltsin in 1991, as it were, on a par. For me, such a comparison is somehow even insulting for Yeltsin and Allende. You never know what dictators, even potato, even banana, posed with weapons? Dictators love this - as do military uniforms. However, there is a fundamental difference: both Allende and Yeltsin took up arms, making it clear that they were ready to fight AGAINST THE ARMY. Both opposed the putsch, that is, the military coup. Allende died with weapons in his hands, defending his presidential palace La Moneda FROM SOLDIERS, people armed and equipped.

In Belarus, Lukashenko is confronted by peaceful and, most importantly, unarmed citizens, among whom there are women, teenagers and old people. The question is - against whom did he pick up the machine gun? Whom did he and his "son Kolenka" intend to shoot at - 200,000 protesters who took to the square in Minsk yesterday? And after all, look - everything is serious, even the store did not forget to fasten it. A surreal picture, in fact: "The dictator shows that he is ready to shoot at his people". The clown is completely crazy. I have one request to the enthusiastic young ladies who have already wet their pants with happiness at the sight of "brutal Luka": do not compare THIS with Yeltsin. Don't trivialize".

Let us add that Lukashenko also drew his son Kolya into the staged farce with military weapons, dressed up for such an occasion in the formidable uniform of a riot police officer, in a helmet and also with a machine gun in his hands.

However, 15-year-old Kolya, according to all the laws of physiology and legislation, is a CHILD. Of course, Kolya did not serve in the army, nor did he serve in the police or the KGB. The child does not have the right to carry and use the firearms. None. Never.

But the law in Belarus is not written for Pope Kolya. Who believes that he is above any laws along with the entire family.

And after that Lukashenko wants to be recognized as the president of a European country? In the 21st century?

Alas, it won't work...