Posted 24 августа 2020,, 10:32

Published 24 августа 2020,, 10:32

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Question of the day: Will Biden become Putin's main enemy?

Question of the day: Will Biden become Putin's main enemy?

24 августа 2020, 10:32
Joe Biden, a former US vice-president and current presidential candidate, in his campaign speech at the US Democratic Party Congress - the last formal stage before the decisive battle for the White House - made a number of principled statements that directly threaten the Russian government.

“When I become president, I will support our allies and friends. I will make it clear to our opponents that the days of flirting with dictators are over. I promise you, as a president, I will defend America. I will protect it from any attack. Visible and invisible. Always. All the time... Under President Biden America will not turn a blind eye to the fact that Moscow is awarding bounties to the heads of American soldiers. I also will not tolerate foreign interference in the most sacred democratic action - in our elections", - said Biden.

“Here, every phrase is not in the eyebrow, but in the eye according to Russian President Vladimir Putin”, - says economist Andrei Nalgin. “The presidential candidate made it clear to the Kremlin that no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten. That revenge for four years ago is a shame for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton will definitely fly, and soon. That the States will use all their might to oppose Russia in all areas of foreign policy. Perhaps this is something personal... But it does not matter. More importantly, these threats are real. That the future US President he feels his Russian counterpart as an enemy, an adversary, a person with directly opposite values".

In the recent history of the United States, there has already been one example of what the head of the White House can do, driven by both national interests and personal revenge. Saddam Hussein did not last long in the end and ended badly. Of course, no American politician, even one with dementia and Alzheimer's , will directly threaten a nuclear power with military force. But he has enough leverage besides the Pentagon. Especially in terms of the economy: the hegemony of the dollar opens up unlimited opportunities here. Could something prevent Joe Biden from taking revenge for the defeat of Hillary Clinton? Providence only. Because this one - “5 million Americans are infected with covid-19. More than 170,000 Americans were killed. More than 50 million people have lost their jobs. More than 10 million people will lose their health insurance. Almost every sixth business has closed this year"- Donald #Trump will not be able to fend off even if he wants to. You have to be a donkey to lose the White House in this situation. And no Russian intervention will help, - Andrey Nalgin concludes.

"Biden criticized Trump because he did not make public the information received that the Russian spy unit fees in connection with the Taliban militants for the killing of US soldiers and the coalition - at a time when the administration Trump tried to conclude a peace agreement with the Taliban and the Afghan government, - says the American edition Washington Examiner.

“There are still many discussions to clarify all the facts. But if the president knew this and did nothing, it is outrageous. Obviously, this is a betrayal of the sacred duty to protect the troops that he sends on dangerous missions”, - he said.

Trump denied reports from The New York Times that intelligence came to him in March, noting that the information was "not credible". National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe backed Trump's rebuttals, but Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized both.

Biden first responded to a New York Times article over the weekend at a presidential forum hosted by US Asian and Pacific constituencies.

"Donald Trump continued his shameful campaign of humiliation and servility towards Vladimir Putin", Biden said, criticizing Trump for his desire to invite Putin to the White House and allow Russia to return to the G-8.

According to the latest polls, the current candidate of the "donkeys" (such is the emblem of the Democratic Party), ex-Vice President Joe Biden bypasses Republican Donald Trump, who is re-elected for a second term, by 8-15%.

Liberal media in the US and abroad, betting on Biden, enthusiastically write that the gap is too wide for Trump to close it.

"The appearance of Biden in the White House means shifting the main burden in the US struggle with Russia from the military aspect to destabilizing the situation inside the country by splitting the Russian elite - seducing its liberal part and tightening sanctions against the patriotic, stimulating protest moods among the people through a rich arsenal of" orange revolutions", possible, as practice shows, only when there is no unity among the elite", - predicts the publication