Posted 24 августа 2020,, 14:53

Published 24 августа 2020,, 14:53

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School director's case: why Moscow's Department of Education officials avoid court hearings

School director's case: why Moscow's Department of Education officials avoid court hearings

24 августа 2020, 14:53
On August, 20, three representatives of the Department of Education of the capital were expected in the Cheremushkinsky Court: A. Molotkov, the new head of this department, his deputy, A.V. Gavrilov, and Svetlana Radetskaya, the inspector of the South-West Administrative District, but none of them showed up.
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Oleg Goryunov

As we have already reported, the director of the Moscow school Davor Tuba wrote a letter of resignation "of his own accord" under pressure from the very officials whom Yelena Anatolyevna Belyankova, the judge of the Cheremushkinsky Court of Moscow, asked to appear in court to give testimony.

The testimony of S. Radetskaya, A. Gavrilov and A. Molotkov could have helped the judge decide on the return of Davor Tuba to his former place of work. The thing is that it was these two who insistently demanded that the school principal resign "in an amicable way", in any case, the documents testify to this - audio and video recordings of the illegal demands of education officials, which were provided for trial by the plaintiff.

“I lost heart, what can I say now, when I wrote a statement “my own way”. I did not expect that both the children and parents of my students and the teaching staff would stand up for me as a “mountain” - they would hold rallies in my support, write complaints about my dismissal. I want to return to all of them, I want to return to the school in which I myself once studied. This is a rare case for Moscow when a former student of a school becomes a school director, and now I was able to become the director of my favorite school, and now this is how it ended... although, of course, I hope that it is not over yet, and the court will oblige the Education Department to return me to my former place of work", - former director of school No. 113 Davor Tuba said in an interview with NI.

August 20 was remembered by Davor Touba and his supporters not only by the fact that the new Minister of Education of Moscow, who had replaced at his post the already permanent Isaac Kalina, did not dare to appear in court, but also by the fact that the meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. was not started - someone called the court and reported that the building was mined...

The agonizing expectation of the demining group was brightened by a man "in red" - it was a representative of the Moscow Department of Education and Science, an employee of the DONM Directorate, a representative of the founder in the Governing Council of School No. 113 - S.V. Sokolova.

Sergey Vitalievich talked with Davor Simovich:

- I thought that with the arrival of the new minister, everything would end... Let's sit at the negotiating table and decide everything.

- Well, how will it end? He's just not up to it. And I have my own local tasks: purchases have been canceled...

- But what about the repairs before September 1?

- I had 400 million in terms of repairing schools, but they gave only 28 million... Well, what can I repair with them?

Here it is - "not up to this" Minister A. Molotkov... The most scandalous case of the Moscow Department of Education - the headmaster of school No. 113 was accused of making public the fact of beating an elderly teacher by a student right during the lesson!

"I thought that the new head of the capital's education would be one of the first things to consider my case - after all, everything is sewn with white thread - and my dismissal and violation of the Law by education officials at the time of my dismissal, - take this issue and solve it - restore the justice, but no - "not up to this" to Molotkov. And under pressure I wrote a statement to them so that they calm down and stop hysteria and pressure on me, but I had no idea that they would give me a work book, 2 weeks would not let me think and what I don’t have to give anything to anyone!”, - Davor Tuba is indignant.

By the way, we must pay tribute to Sergey Sokolov, the representative of the Moscow's Department of Education, at the trial, which nevertheless took place on August 20, when the judge asked: “What did Tuba say on January 18, 2020 - the day the teacher was beaten?” He replied: “Tuba said that the Department made him resign!"

At this meeting of the Cheryomushkinsky court on August 20 of this year, which took place despite the fact that A. Molotkov, A. Gavrilov and S. Rudetskaya showed contempt for the court, did not appear at the meeting and cowardice, did not express under oath the whole truth about the dismissal of Davor Tuba , Galina Timoshina, one of the teachers of school number 113, was present at this meeting, despite the fact that she was subjected to pressure for giving a short interview to our publication, this is:

"The director gathered a team about the Governing Board. The kindergarten teachers came in full force, and only nannies remained with the children, who, according to the Law, do not bear personal responsibility for the children. When the parents came to the kindergartens to take their children, they were dumbfounded, then they wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee against Laptunova, they accuse her of deliberately leaving children in danger".

After this interview, Galina Timoshina was promised that she would be sued.

Three teachers who came to court to support their former boss, Davor Tuba, were also subjected to pressure: they were required to write explanatory notes on why they go to court.

The meeting of the Cheryomushkinsky court in the case of Davor Tuba will be held on August 27, three high-ranking Moscow officials from education are again expected there.