Posted 25 августа 2020,, 08:53

Published 25 августа 2020,, 08:53

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Sanctions are not a hindrance: the Rotenbergs topped the ranking of the richest families in Russia

Sanctions are not a hindrance: the Rotenbergs topped the ranking of the richest families in Russia

25 августа 2020, 08:53
Фото: Михаил Метцель / ТАСС
The Rotenberg family for the first time in the past six years has become the richest family clan in Russia according to Forbes magazine.

Business edition Forbes on August 25 published a new ranking of the richest families. According to the edition's journalists, Arkady, Boris, Igor and Lilia Rotenberg are recognized as the richest Russians this year.

They managed to earn $ 270 million, increasing their fortune to $ 5.45 billion, displacing the Gutseriev family from the first place, who occupied the top places of the rating for five years.

The Rotenbergs were able to climb the rankings despite the sanctions imposed on them in 2014 by the United States for their proximity to Putin after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

“The Rotenbergs' fortune has grown mainly due to one major deal - the sale of Stroygazmontazh to the state-owned Gazprom for 75 billion rubles,” Forbes notes.

The newcomer to the list is the Guryev family, which owns the Phosagro company, its fortune is estimated at $ 5.1 billion. The Guryevs took second place after the Rotenbergs.

The third place is taken by the Gutseriev family. Its capital for the year decreased by $ 2.45 billion - to $ 3.2 billion. Journalists explain this by the fact that due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Gutserievs' projects in real estate became greatly depreciated. Besides, the quotations of Russneft, owned by them, fell.

The researchers gave the fourth place to the Shaimiev family, which owns shares in the TAIF group. Their fortune is estimated at $ 2.85 billion. In fifth place is the Yevtushenkov clan, which owns AFK Sistema worth $ 2.3 billion.

In addition to them, the Bazhaev family, which owns the Alliance group with a fortune of $ 1.9 billion, and the Rakhimkulovs, who own Kafijat, valued at $ 1.8 billion, entered the top 10 richest families. The top ten are closed by the Sarkisov family (RESO group) with $ 1.7 billion, the clan of the Linnikov brothers (Miratorg) with a fortune of $ 1.35 billion and the Mikhailov family - co-owners of the Cherkizovo group. Their assets are estimated at $ 1.1 billion.

The researchers note that, despite the general market decline, over the past year the richest families in Russia have increased their fortune by $ 1.5 billion. As of mid-July this year, it is estimated at $ 26.8 billion. The wealth base includes shares of companies owned by families. , real estate and land.