Posted 26 августа 2020, 12:45

Published 26 августа 2020, 12:45

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Almost half of Russians are afraid of the hidden chipping

26 августа 2020, 12:45
45% of the participants in the VTsIOM poll said they fear hidden chipping. 52% of Russians are sure that it is impossible to implant a microchip-implant into their body without their knowledge.

Sociologists have found that Russians know about the topic of chipping only in general terms. With 84% of the respondents who "heard" about chipping, only 15% are well informed on this issue.

41% of those who have heard about the procedure believe that it can be carried out invisibly to the person who is chipping. At the same time, 35% considered it “rather impossible”.

51% of Russians surveyed know that chipping is already being used. 14% think that the technology has not yet been implemented, but they will turn to it in the near future. 16% are sure that it is still far from the use of chipping.

77% of respondents admitted that they have a negative attitude to chipping.

A third of those who are familiar with the topic are sure that there are no positive aspects and benefits in the procedure. Another 32% found it difficult to assess the harm and benefits of chipping. 9% believe that the chip can replace an identity document, and 6% said this technology would help in finding missing people. 4% said that chips are an alternative to bank cards. The same number said the chips contained medical data.

35% of respondents admitted that they are afraid of increased control, which will become possible after the introduction of the chipping procedure. 16% believe that the implantation of a foreign body can negatively affect human health. 6% said data could be stolen from the chip. And 11% believe that a person can be controlled through the chip.

Let us recall that the rebellious and defrocked schema-abbot Sergiy (Romanov) said that mass chipping would be carried out through the coronavirus vaccine, which would be fatal for many.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates was accused of plans to use a new vaccine against covid for microchipping the population. Gates himself called the talk about the chipping of humanity a great stupidity.