Posted 27 августа 2020,, 08:15

Published 27 августа 2020,, 08:15

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Both laughter and sin... The world no longer knows how to defeat the covid that comes again

Both laughter and sin... The world no longer knows how to defeat the covid that comes again

27 августа 2020, 08:15
Re-infection with coronavirus has cast doubt on the effectiveness of all anti-pandemic measures.

As Novye Izvestia has repeatedly reported, cases of re-infection with coronavirus have been recorded in different countries, which casts doubt on the effectiveness of the widely advertised vaccines. In particular, Russia triumphantly announces its pioneering in the invention of a vaccine, despite the absurdity and even the danger of such statements, since, according to international standards, testing of such drugs has been carried out for at least one year. But that's not the point. Here is what the social psychologist Alexey Roshchin writes:

“With the global covid hysteria, complete surrealism has already started. While in Moscow the dock-like life has almost recovered, in France, as reported from the localities, in a number of cities they are introducing requirements for the mandatory wearing of masks... on the street! Moreover, what is especially touching - "except for the central ones, where there are many tourists." That is, on those streets where there are most people (and, accordingly, the "risk" of infection) - you can not wear a mask. But on others, where it is quieter and more free, if there is no mask - a fine of 135 euros. Beauty, what can I say. Europe!

I walked a lot on weekends and traveled around Moscow - it is gratifying to notice that almost everyone and everywhere is already spitting on covid. In the Center there are crowds, no "social distance", cafes are also packed, people sit almost close to each other, everyone is in a relaxed mood, and there is almost no one wearing masks either. Previously, lovers of the "monstrous virus" would immediately go to shove terrible predictions on such a thing - "let's see what happens in 2 weeks! Horror! Horror!" - but now they have calmed down and become disheartened: after all, people have been walking like this all summer, the last 2 months for sure - where is the "flash" that will punish the mad and the wicked? It does not exist, and this introduces active coronophobes (in the soul, of course, misanthropes and snobs) into a state of dull prostration.

And at the same time, as recently as today, it is reported without a hint of a joke that "the head of Tuva Ool fell ill with the coronavirus". One word of the supplement gives a special piquancy to the message - I fell ill AGAIN. Announcers reading the news are as calm as buddhas - why, they say, surprise, they have already reported from Singapore that re-infection is common.

Although there is an elementary question: if this is really the case with Ool and this is a "common thing" - then what kind of vaccines that are now being developed by all and sundry, can we even talk about it ?? If there is no immunity - which vaccine?

But somehow no one asks. And then there is Yulia Tymoshenko - not only "got sick with covid", but, as they write, she is already on mechanical ventilation. Before that, she "just" had a temperature of 39, "which did not go astray". I remember something, I can’t remember analogies: it seems that Tymoshenko is almost the first of the “mighty of this world” who got on a ventilator with covid (the same news about Johnson turned out to be a fake).

I was upset about Tymoshenko, sorry for the aunt. Let her recover, she was a funny TigrYulya..." (tiger Yulia - expl. by NI)

Roshchin is echoed by analyst Boris Myshlyavtsev:

“The" re-infection "of the head of Tuva, Kara-ool, became a small sensation in the blogosphere and attracted the attention of top bloggers. What is the conclusion from this re-infection? Very simple: the development of immunity to covid is IMPOSSIBLE. This means that the vaccine, the creation of which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, IS IMPOSSIBLE IN PRINCIPLE.

It is therefore not surprising that the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation hastened to refute the reinfection of the Tuvan governor. However, the Tuvan Ministry of Health stands its ground, and Tuvan poets devote poetry to the struggle of the governor with the covid.

The situation seems comical. However, the re-infection of the governor is precisely the complete cancellation of the Russian (however, not only the Russian) vaccine and multibillion-dollar losses.

I wonder who needs it and why? My prognosis: in a couple of days it will be announced that there was no re-infection, "a diagnostic error has occurred"..."

Alexander Raikhman, on the other hand, believes that it is too late to refuse the vaccine, including for financial reasons:

Vaccinations and vaccines will be in any case, and most likely sooner rather than later, possibly already in December-January. The EU and the US have invested so much money in the development and production of vaccines that the result (which one, another conversation) is bound to be. Otherwise, there will be political earthquakes and economic collapse. In the worst case, they will choose the least harmful of all vaccines and inject it like a placebo. And it is as easy to organize a "victory over a pandemic" in the media as it is to panic before it ".

On the other hand, journalist Kirill Shulike sees everything in a rather gloomy light, and I am sure that the vaccine is extremely necessary:

Firstly, Kara-Ool did not get sick again, these are exactly the same complications after coronavirus that cause complications on blood vessels up to a stroke, so the Tuvan followed the path of Lukashenka. This is not a new disease, but a complication after the old one, which has passed, by the way, in a mild form. Lukashenka is generally asymptomatic, and then it hit. All of you treat this as a type of nothing terrible, but in reality, the death rate in Moscow increased by 60% in the hottest months, in Sweden for half a year by 5 thousand, and most of all people have died since 1869, here is the result of their experiment. About the vaccine. The flu is an example for you - there is no immunity, but there is a vaccine..."

Blogger Vasya Piskin echoes him:

Yes, that's right. There is no immunity. The vaccine is pointless. There are no asymptomatic patients. Delayed consequences - inner peace - to dust. This was clear back in April and was criminally hushed up.

How to respond to a sudden insight? Close the outer borders for the present. Close Crimea and Sochi. Remote work only. Shops at the castle. Only contactless product delivery. This mode is not yet concessional (!!) it is clear about the virus. Deny all unverified information. For breaking the ban on planting.

And further. We will inevitably come to this in a few months. Europe is covered by a much tougher second wave, which will come to us in the fall. Delay is really like death. Doubters will have to weld the entrances..."