Posted 27 августа 2020,, 14:31

Published 27 августа 2020,, 14:31

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Great Q: politicians themselves believe in the world government of pedophile satanists

Great Q: politicians themselves believe in the world government of pedophile satanists

27 августа 2020, 14:31
Another conspiracy theory is rapidly spreading in the West. It states that there is a secret shadow government in the world, the fight against which is headed by the son of the assassinated President Kennedy, disguised under the pseudonym "Q".

Journalist Dmitry Klein was not at all surprised by the incredible news that about half of Russians are afraid of hidden chipping. The conspiracy virus infects not only our fellow citizens, it has already caused a real pandemic around the world, including in the stronghold of liberalism and democracy - in the United States:

“In the 90s, several times I came across crazy people personally and directly - once in a bookstore a man came up to me and began to tell me that he was a sorcerer and knows how to shoot rays from his fingers - he tried to demonstrate right there. And when I politely answered his question that, they say, yes - I saw it, it was very interesting and impressive (I was only 16-17 years old, and he was twice my size) - he immediately declared that since I see it - then I am also very special and capable of witchcraft. And, of course, he must definitely join their order - he claimed that there were already a couple of dozen people like him "sorcerers"!

In general, I nodded, grunted and slowly retreated to the counter and people. And he was actively gesticulating, talking louder and faster about some of their internal "witchcraft" showdowns, about the fact that they have a war between "white" and "black", about the importance of being on the right side and more and more excited right before our eyes!

In short, I managed to get off safely after all - I was a smart guy, the place was crowded, it was still daytime, so I managed to get lost among the buyers and just sneak out. Other cases were not so funny, but it was always possible to recognize in time and calmly disperse. Since then, I recognize madmen quite easily and immediately understand when to object and argue, and when it is better to nod and just walk by.

But now I read the news day after day and think - okay, one, okay two, three, ten people "with a very original idea of reality." But when there are millions of them - tens of millions - what to do? How to be? Well, they would all be concentrated in one country - this is all right, but when they are everywhere, around the world, and there are more and more of them!?

And after all, this problem in recent years has become more and more acute - there used to be quiet clubs of UFO lovers and those who denied American flights to the moon, and now everything is going further and further - shibanutics do not just believe in game, because of this already burning 5G towers, attacking people, and the most frightening - now they have the opportunity to organize and get together!

Have you heard about the completely cheesy and wildest conspiracy theory under the "Qanon" label, which is not only gaining momentum in America and Europe, but is literally already reaching the level of power? For a second, the two ladies who won the Republican primaries and are very likely to win the US Congress and Senate elections this year - Joe Ray Perkins from Oregon and Marjorie Taylor Green from Georgia - are actively and openly supporting game about "Qanon"!

"Qanon" is about the fact that the elites in all countries are completely Satanists, everyone prolongs their lives with the help of a special extract from the glands of frightened children (adrenochrome), who after such a procedure (or before or during - it is difficult to understand) are subjected to sexual exploitation, about the fact that there is a secret shadow government in the world (in America it is called "deep state") of these Satanist pedophiles and that the fight against them is led by a certain mysterious character who communicates with his associates anonymously on various forums, using a pseudonym " Q ". But all the initiates, of course, know that this same Q is the son of the assassinated President Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr. (yes, he died, but this is a staging, according to this conspiracy theory). He is alive, healthy and full of strength and determination to defeat the fanatical democrats (of course, it is the democrats who are these very perverts in this delirium) and in this he - ta-dam! - it helps, of course - the current President Trump himself!

Of course, according to the version of this game, Bill Gates with his chips - the implementation of which, as you can see, is feared by almost half of Russians - of course, according to this conspiracy theory - is closely and directly connected with these very perverted Democrats.

In general, just try to imagine the general scale of this nonsense ...

So what can we do about it? How do normal people react to this? Considering that it is no longer possible to simply nod and step aside.

The world has gone mad, obviously. These are no longer marginals, not some renegades and people with a rich imagination and not very developed intellect - they are no longer five to ten percent, as it once seemed. There are actually more of them, much more!

And we need to somehow learn to live with it, and it is desirable to live happily ever after.

In general - as never before it seems to me right to unite all good people, all those who are still able to maintain their sanity and an adequate attitude to life, people and the world - I think we all need to constantly support each other and somehow define "ours". Moreover, understand correctly - this is not about politics - the question has not been so long ago. It's about sanity and adequacy.

If you are still able to separate delirium and game from reality, if you are able to correctly prioritize and values - and for you normal human relations with normal people are more important than all this political husk and all this nonsense - I think it is important for us to find some form of unification...

Overpolitical, supranational, overreligious - in other words - over all this madness. Under the flag of adequacy and humanity..."