Posted 27 августа 2020, 08:14

Published 27 августа 2020, 08:14

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Haishenway instead of Vladivostok: China begins to make claims on Primorye

27 августа 2020, 08:14
The capital of Primorye did not have time to celebrate the 160th anniversary of its foundation, when the Chinese began to seriously declare that in fact this is their land.

Alexey Koloskov drew attention to the problem, the appearance of which was to be expected sooner or later. In part, it is similar to the problem of Crimea, and the Chinese, who were forced to part with their lands in the century before last after being defeated in the war with the Western powers, can be understood:

“Recently, more and more news has begun to arrive that China is refusing Russian gas and Russian coal. The authorities of this country completely ignore Russian proposals for the allocation of loans for various economic projects in our country. There is nothing surprising here, so it is simply not profitable for the Chinese. Few other events need to be feared ...

In July of this year, there was a small diplomatic embarrassment between our countries, which did not receive such a wide discussion in the media, but which in fact shows the true face of China and its plans for Russian territory, more precisely for Vladivostok.

On July 2, Vladivostok celebrated the 160th anniversary of its foundation. On this occasion, the Russian embassy on its official page of the popular Chinese social network Weibo published a seemingly simple note:

“Today Vladivostok is celebrating its 160th anniversary. Vladivostok was founded in 1860, when the Russians built a seaport on this site, called "Vladivostok" (literally means "To own the East"). At the end of the 19th century, Vladivostok grew into a major port and industrial city. Today, the Russian Navy is based here in the Far East, ”the publication says.

Suddenly, a wave of indignation swept through the Chinese at this message. The reason is very simple, many Chinese are of the opinion that Vladivostok is located on land ceded by the Beijing Treaty and that Haishenwei was a Chinese city renamed Vladivostok.

The funny thing is that this version was also voiced on his page in the social network by a Chinese diplomat from the embassy in Islamabad. It seems to be not a big official, but at the same time an official.

But the situation is becoming more and more tense, because a geographic map was recently issued in China, and there, instead of Vladivostok, the Chinese Haishenwei is located.

It is quite obvious that China has clearly stated its opinion that Vladivostok is included in the circle of its national interests.

But so far we are considered partners, and even united in a single impulse against America's sworn enemy. But it is obvious that at some point China's plans may change, and it may quite officially start solving the Vladivostok problem.

By the way, what about our diplomats? And they modestly kept silent about this attack of Chinese Internet users ...

So giving up gas and coal is bullshit, with the graters that we may have with the Chinese in the future, and it’s stupid not to notice this problem ...