Posted 27 августа 2020,, 08:53

Published 27 августа 2020,, 08:53

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This is Ossetia, baby! Where did the bride of the world champion Zaurbek Sidakov run away?

This is Ossetia, baby! Where did the bride of the world champion Zaurbek Sidakov run away?

27 августа 2020, 08:53
Ossetian Madina Plieva, who was kicked out by her fiancé right from the wedding, found refuge with a Moscow billionaire.

The famous journalist Natalya Radulova tells the details of a sensational story that perfectly characterizes the patriarchal customs prevailing in the Caucasus.

It is about the Ossetian Madina Plieva, the former bride of the two-time world champion in freestyle wrestling Zaurbek Sidakov. As you know, the wrestler drove her away right during the wedding ceremony after he and some guests received her frivolous photos and videos on the phone - Madina turned out to be an escort girl...

The incident cost the bride's father a heart attack, and the girl herself tried to commit suicide, but she was saved.

The family of the failed bride is still upset by what happened. The wedding was planned to be held for two days. First, after the registry office - in a luxurious restaurant with many guests who gave the newlyweds eight million rubles. The next day, after the wedding night, the celebration continued in the groom's house, where a table was laid for 500 people!

According to local tradition, the bride had to stand in the corner all evening with her eyes downcast, but now the brides are allowed to simply retire to another room.

And then, when the new guests were sitting at the table, the ill-fated photographs of the half-naked bride began to arrive.

Zaur, seeing this, rushed to the bride, grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out into the yard and threw her to the ground, and sat down beside her and burst into tears. Friends immediately took him to the mountains, his mother became ill, and the ambulance took the bride's father ... Then Madina tried to commit suicide, but doctors saved her.

According to Ossetian customs, even their own family does not accept a bride home if she is disgraced - this is considered so offensive. Even bridesmaids in such cases can get...

Then Madina fled and hid in Moscow, and no one knows exactly where.

They say that some of her middle-aged lover rented her an apartment and told her to wait until the scandal subsided.

The truth is that she was an escort, almost no one believed, since this girl is from a wealthy family. However, some of her friends knew that she was in love with an elderly man.

According to some guesses, this patron is 62 years old, his name is Sergey Katsiev and he is a figurant on the Forbes list with a fortune of $ 1.5 billion.

Former fiancé of Madina Zaurbek more or less comes to his senses, trains, uploads photos and videos from his workouts. Wants to become an Olympic champion.

This story received widespread publicity on social networks. Here are some of the comments that Radulova cites:

- I would choose as my wife a girl from my village, like a mother or sisters. No, give him an Instagram model from Moscow! What did you expect?..

- This is the Caucasus, they have a special pride - like decent women. And for them, death is like publicly marrying a madam of mild behavior. The height of meanness and hypocrisy is just putting on a white dress, powdering the brains of the groom about his purity and being an escort...

- Men are strange creatures - they marry a city beauty and want her to be modest, barefoot, rustling in the kitchen, eyes on the floor. There are a lot of girls in the villages, poor, humble, pure and pure. No, they want to combine the incompatible, and then wow, surprise!

“Poor girl, he doesn't deserve even her little finger! There are many different situations in life, but I think this fact is just a betrayal! If a man really loves, he can forgive a lot, and even more pictures in a swimsuit.

- And how many did he climb? Let's then calculate the connections. And most importantly with what other persons. Does he even have a medical certificate? They are obsessed with female purity, but they themselves sleep with everyone. He was offended... The groom.

- They say that Madina was burned not by Katsiev's old wife, but by a new Ukrainian model, also an escort - Everyone knew everything and suited everyone. But when the panties fell in public - heart attacks, cut veins, Zaurbek was taken to the mountains. - This is Ossetia, baby! There, the swags are the most important things...