Posted 28 августа 2020,, 07:12

Published 28 августа 2020,, 07:12

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Artists of the private "Kolyada Theater" threaten with hunger strike if the authorities do not lift quarantine

Artists of the private "Kolyada Theater" threaten with hunger strike if the authorities do not lift quarantine

28 августа 2020, 07:12
The troupe of the Yekaterinburg Kolyada Theater, which is directed by the outstanding playwright, director and actor Nikolay Kolyada, challenged the local authorities, who did not give the go-ahead to open theaters and cinemas after the pandemic.

All 65 theater actors under the leadership of their artistic director Nikolai Kolyada threaten to go out on Lenin Street, where the theater is located, to starve to victory.

Angelica Dean

"Leave me alone. I said everything. I have a rehearsal”, - Nikolay Kolyada himself responded to the call from NI.

Every day in the theater there are rehearsals of the play “Don't turn on the blonde”. I note that with the shrewd Nikolai Vladimirovich this trick of playing a fool or a fool does not work. He is the first who "saw through" the pandemic, about which he openly wrote on social networks:

- During the war, in besieged Leningrad, theaters worked. God !!!!! Where are the main thieves, where are the main carriers of the disease? In the theater, where else? Sure! Fuck them all. Only they haven't poisoned us yet. But everything is ahead, I think.

Or maybe you better would look for this coronavirus in the wallets of billionaires, in the stock and exchange markets?

Even with my tiny mind I understand this .

Kolyada calls the coronavirus "an amazing scam". By and large, the director has nothing to lose. "Kolyada Theater" receives scanty funding from the city treasury, and at the very least earns itself. Artists still play in the open areas of the city. Unlike cinema, where "nothing is impossible" without money, the theater has enough enthusiasm. Nikolay Kolyada's pupil, playwright and film director Vasily Sigarev, when asked by “NI” to comment on his attitude to the upcoming strike of Kolyada artists, said: “I banned Kolyada. But as to the artists - well done!".

Nikolay Kolyada has a difficult character. It happens that he says harsh things, not really thinking about offending people. So I, the author of several sincere interviews with him, the first who ran to his festival in the Theater Center Na Strastnoy (every year it takes place in winter), was almost sent far, far away. But I'm not offended by Nikolai Vladimirovich. He lives for the theater, and for that he can be forgiven for everything. But the officials of Yekaterinburg, judging by their actions, are not ready to take off their hats to Nikolai Kolyada. The director published on his page in the FB a receipt on the theater's debt to utilities in the amount of 4888.28 rubles with the comment “Creditors are not lagging behind. Oh, God, there is no strength already".

The director would have known that in many regions of Russia, in particular, in the Belgorod region, during a pandemic, the courts satisfied the claims of energy suppliers and collected debts for water and heat from disabled persons of group 1, pensioners. Right in the midst of a pandemic. If the last money is taken away from the disabled, why would they feel sorry for healthy artists ?! Should - pay. Well-wishers advise Nikolay Kolyada to contact a businessman, philanthropist and former mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman. To which Kolyada in the same FB replies: "Why?" Yevgeny Roizman described his treatment for coronavirus a lot and in detail, thanked the doctors, which means that the pandemic is not a scam, but a reality.

Nikolay Kolyada leads not only artists, but also children to starve to the square, and this is scary:

- At the end of the week we will go out to Lenin Street, sit down and go on a hunger strike: indefinite, dry. And we will sit with the whole theater. All my artists will come out with children, there is a pregnant artist. They have nothing to eat.

No one argues that Nikolay Kolyada created an interesting theater, but the unjustified sacrifices are hardly needed, and even from children and pregnant women.