Posted 31 августа 2020, 13:42

Published 31 августа 2020, 13:42

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Humanity in its prejudices goes back a thousand years

31 августа 2020, 13:42
Instead of the practical and the material, people, as in the XI century, again profess the sacred and virtual

Alexander Rozov believes that the XXI century in the Global world seems to be deliberately trying to repeat the XI century in the Christian world and gives the following and truly impressive analogies:

- More than half of adults in developed countries do not know the basics of natural science, are unable to think critically even in simple cases, are in a state of financial caste slavery, and are immersed through their iPhones into a virtual manipulative environment, which (like a medieval church) dictates dogmatic judgments about everything in the world - including the End of the World, and dogmatic rules of conduct (including neo-sacred rituals).

- People are terrified of greenhouse gases - and are ready to reduce consumption to poverty (up to giving up personal transport and meat products, up to saving household water and heat).

- People are terrified of the apocalyptic COVID-19 - and are ready to lock themselves at home, or wear meaningless ritual muzzles (supposedly protecting from the invincible coronavirus).

- People are terrified of the threat of being quarantined in a plague barrack (due to the color on the Chinese device, allegedly indicating sinners infected with the aforementioned COVID-19).

- People in horror (already absolutely mystical) are ready to repent for the sins of their ancestors before the blacks (a kind of sequel to Christian repentance for the original sin of Eve and Adam from the Bible).

- People are terrified of the new "witch hunt" - the #MeToo Inquisition (which can accuse anyone of harassment without proof, then rob, jail, and kill)

... People are terrified (in unfounded phantom horror caused by the media and social networks - then growing into justified horror before the distraught authorities, within which justice and police have already mixed with the Inquisition, marauders and a corrupt pseudo-medical bureaucracy) - and this horror indicates events of the Dark Ages, 1000 years ago..."

In support of his words, Rozov quotes from the book of the famous French writer and journalist of the second half of the 19th century, the ardent anticlerical Leo Taxil: "The Sacred Nativity"

Let 's move on to the eleventh century, which was characterized by gross superstition, wild fanaticism and debauchery under the guise of piety. The end of the tenth century was awaited throughout the Christian world with trepidation. Numerous prophecies associated with this date the End of the World and the coming of the Last Judgment. The clergy, naturally, tried to derive all kinds of benefits from this.

On the threshold of a near and inevitable death, people cared exclusively about the future afterlife, about repentance, which could appease the righteous judge. The most notorious curmudgeons gave their riches to the church, and the priests, for their part, in every possible way urged the flock to get rid of the burden of destructive earthly goods, which, as stated in the gospel, are the main obstacle on the way to heaven.

When the terrible year passed, many felt that they were left with fools and bitterly regretted the reckless fear that prompted them to give all the good to the churches and monasteries. But it was too late! A clear never gives back what, even by mistake, fell into his pocket. On the contrary, the craft of the clergy is precisely to fool the foolish people who are ready to believe the most absurd prophecies.

In that century people indulged in magic, witchcraft, astrology; any superstition was perceived as something completely real.

It should be noted that the priests did not lag behind their flock. Magic was so popular, and the ignorance was so great that many churchmen themselves engaged in all sorts of devilry, replacing church sacraments with fortune telling and witchcraft.

The frightened people believed that the devil had deposed God and the kingdom of the Antichrist was coming..."


Hello to the XXI century - from the XI century. In the 11th century, it was hard to believe that there was a civilization in Europe that, more than a millennium ago, learned to build aqueducts and public baths, organized mass education for the middle class and regular mail. Now it is hard to believe that there was a civilization that, more than half a century ago, learned to build nuclear power plants, supersonic airliners, and spaceships that deliver people to the moon...