Posted 31 августа 2020,, 07:11

Published 31 августа 2020,, 07:11

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Police opened a case on the attack on Yegor Zhukov

Police opened a case on the attack on Yegor Zhukov

31 августа 2020, 07:11
Фото: Эхо Москвы
After unknown assailants attacked oppositionist Yegor Zhukov near his house in Moscow, the capital's police opened a criminal case in connection with this incident.

Blogger Yegor Zhukov filed a complaint about the beating with the police on August 30, after two men attacked and beat him on the street. After the incident, the blogger was taken to the 67th city hospital, where he is to undergo an MRI of the brain.

“The police were approached by a man who, in a statement, indicated that two unknown persons on Rasshchupkina Street had attacked him and caused bodily harm. On this fact, a criminal case was initiated on the grounds of a crime under Article 116 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Beating”", - Interfax quotes the statement of the capital's Interior Ministry.

At the same time, the name of the victim was not named in the release, but RIA Novosti clarifies that the applicant is Yegor Zhukov.

According to Ekho Moskvy radio station, this is not the first attack on Yegor Zhukov. On July 24, he almost fell victim to another beating, but then he managed to escape from his pursuers.

Last year, Yegor Zhukov became a defendant in a high-profile case about the organization of riots in Moscow on July 27, 2019. He was detained and placed in a pre-trial detention center. However, the case against Zhukov was subsequently dropped, since the defense was able to prove that Zhukov was not involved in the riots.

Nevertheless, the HSE student was charged under a different article - public calls for extremism. The reason was videos on his YouTube channel. In December last year, Zhukov was sentenced to three years probation for extremism.

This year Zhukov entered the HSE master's program, but he was unexpectedly expelled from there an hour and a half after being admitted "by the order from above".

Zhukov said that the denial of the right to continue education at the HSE was related to his opposition activities. At the same time, the HSE saw a wave of layoffs of freedom-loving teachers, which some called a "political purge".

Outraged by the “attack on freedom of thought” at the Higher School of Economics, the dismissed teachers organized their own “Free University”, which will begin work on September 1.