Posted 31 августа 2020,, 08:20

Published 31 августа 2020,, 08:20

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President of Montenegro refuses to admit the defeat of his coalition in the elections

President of Montenegro refuses to admit the defeat of his coalition in the elections

31 августа 2020, 08:20
The ruling coalition around the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro failed to win a majority of seats in parliament following the elections. President Milo Djukanovic refused to admit her defeat. The opposition is waiting for the resignation of the head of state.

Djukanovic did not acknowledge the defeat of the coalition of the Democratic Party of Socialists “Resolutely for Montenegro! DPS - Milo Djukanovic”, - writes TASS.

- The election results show that we are gaining 40 seats in parliament. We remain the strongest party in the country. It's too early to talk about the final results, the question is who will receive the decisive 41st mandate, ”Djukanovic said, recalling that“ we have built a democratic European society, ”and therefore the coalition will recognize the winner only after summing up the official results.

Djukanovic congratulated "all parties that participated in the elections" and stressed that his party "has achieved historic success for Montenegro, including gaining independence".

According to exit polls, cited by the European Election Monitoring Center, after processing 95% of ballots, the ruling coalition was in the lead with a score of 35% - this gives it the right to 30 seats in the 81-seat parliament. At the same time, the coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" gets 32.6% - 27 seats in parliament, the coalition "Peace is our nation" - 12.5% (10 seats), the coalition "Black on White" - 5.7% (four seats ), Social Democrats of Ivan Brainovich - 4.2% (three places). That is, the united opposition bypassed the ruling coalition, having received 41 seats in parliament together. This is enough to form a cabinet.

The leader of the opposition bloc For the Future of Montenegro, Zdravko Krivokapic, is confident that the majority of the seats that are behind the opposition will inevitably lead to a change of power.

“The regime has definitely fallen, you will see that as the votes are counted, the gap between the opposition and the ruling party and its satellites will only grow”, - explained Krivokapich.

He confirmed his intention to create a united coalition with other oppositionists.

“At the moment, we think that the expert government will become the best solution for Montenegro, this is the best solution for the people”, - the leader of For the Future of Montenegro is sure.

At the same time, he does not intend to cooperate with the current president. According to the oppositionist, after the elections, the reaction of citizens will be such that "Mr. Djukanovic may resign".