Posted 31 августа 2020,, 14:23

Published 31 августа 2020,, 14:23

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Survive before thrive: On the 1st of September the social benefits will return to the pre-covid level

Survive before thrive: On the 1st of September the social benefits will return to the pre-covid level

31 августа 2020, 14:23
With the arrival of autumn, almost all additional payments, including unemployment benefits, will be canceled.

The coronavirus pandemic continues, but the authorities are gradually beginning to refuse to help the Russians survive. So, already from September 1, the payment of 3 thousand rubles for minor children in addition to the allowance of one of the unemployed parents or guardians, introduced for the summer months, will stop.

Will return to the previous level of 1,500 rubles and the minimum unemployment benefit, a temporary increase from May to August.

Further, from October 1, the allowance of 12,130 rubles to previously working, but dismissed after March 1, citizens will also return to the old dock-like amounts: the maximum - 8,000 rubles per month, the minimum - 1,500.

In this case, benefits will be calculated as a percentage of the average earnings for 3 months at the last place of work, and only if the citizen has worked for at least six months before dismissal. Moreover, in the first 3 months he will receive 75% of the average monthly earnings, and in the next 3 - 60% of the last earnings, but not more than the maximum and not less than the minimum...

They will no longer pay 10 thousand rubles for each child. Although half a trillion rubles were spent on these subsidies, they helped families with children survive the pandemic. And the fact that the crisis is not over yet is no longer worried by the country's authorities.

It is known that there are 3 and a half million citizens officially registered as unemployed in the country, while there are about 500-700 thousand vacancies. And how those 3 million who will not be able to take these places will live, no one knows, however, it seems that no one else is going to help them.