Posted 2 сентября 2020,, 07:09

Published 2 сентября 2020,, 07:09

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"Sit and don't rock the boat!": Doctors quarantined a Muscovite with a negative test

"Sit and don't rock the boat!": Doctors quarantined a Muscovite with a negative test

2 сентября 2020, 07:09
A resident of Moscow, through an oversight of medical workers, ended up in the "red zone" of one of the clinics, and now officials are forcibly keeping her at home, despite the fact that no coronavirus infection has been detected.

A very remarkable story was told on social networks by the victim herself and her relatives.

Muscovite Anna Grineva had a slight fever for two weeks, and she went to the clinic for an antibody test. At the entrance, her temperature was measured and was told that she had 36.1. Then she went to do the analysis and three days later it turned out that the analysis was negative, and with a diagnosis of bronchitis she was sent to another clinic, for a CT scan. Inflammation of the lungs was also not found, but quite by accident it turned out that all manipulations with it were carried out in the "red zone".

In this connection, Anya was ordered to stay at home for two weeks, under the threat of a fine for each exit, by order of the district sanitary doctor. Diagnoses in two polyclinics, after two careless examinations, she was eventually given different diagnoses. As for the acquired coronavirus, they offered to wait for their fate at the place of residence.

An attempt to find out the legal reality in order to still break free from house arrest (the tests were negative, including the one that was taken in the "red zone"), was unsuccessful: the doctor and the head of the same clinic , when asked whether she was obliged to sit in isolation, the opposite things were answered.

Anna wrote to the Facebook of the Moscow Healthcare Department with a request to deal with the situation, she wanted to at least apologize to her for this whole circus and give an official explanation for what happened:

I have two questions: who will answer if I fall ill with coronavirus in the near future, and how to make sure that this does not happen again with me or with anyone else?

And by the way, a special thank you for my birthday, which I will have to spend in isolation and without guests. You can send a bouquet of flowers with an apology, it will be very nice.

PS And please do not write to me that I would have to sit in isolation with ARVI anyway. Before going to the local doctor, I spent 2 weeks in voluntary isolation just in case, although it was the easiest cold without any signs of coronavirus. I am concerned that God forbid not to infect others. I would like all doctors to take care of patients too. I know many worthy doctors, but unfortunately, I am also lucky with the bad ones..."

The department, in response, notified Anna that they would contact her, but the timing of the response is not regulated:

Hello Anna. What you have described is invalid. To carry out the check, please write to us in your personal messages your full name, the number of the medical organization to which you are attached, as well as the contact phone number for feedback. For the safety of personal data, we recommend that you write in your private messages..."

All this happened a week ago on 24 August. So what? Was Anna released? No matter how it is! She is still forced to stay at home under the threat of a huge fine, and keep a kind of diary called "Covid of the brain".

August 25 :

“So, I continue to find out why I have been in forced isolation for the fifth day with the right to leave my own home for only 4 thousand rubles of a fine, which I will have to pay if I decide to leave at least once before the end of the order of the district sanitary doctor. Two exits from the house will cost 8 thousand rubles, three exits - 12 thousand rubles..."

August 26 :

“Today, by the way, they called me to find out how my health was - from the polyclinic at my place of residence. (Actually, for the first 3 days of isolation, none of the medical staff at all called me and asked how I felt until I filed a complaint with the Department of Health to find out why I was being held in forced isolation.) I answered: at night 37, in the morning of 36 and 8, the sense of smell is still there, there is no weakness, from complaints - insomnia. For 2 nights, in total, I managed to sleep 5 hours. This is either a reaction to stress, or a side effect of an antibiotic, which for some reason was prescribed to me and given to me at the clinic (insomnia is indicated in the side effects in the antibiotic instructions). She asked me to write or recommend some remedy for insomnia. The doctor told me that she was only making calls, but did not prescribe funds. "If worsening, call your doctor". I said I have no worsening, I have insomnia. "You are passing on data about my health to someone? Pass it on, please". With these words of mine, we said goodbye.

I don't want to call a doctor at home. I do not want a medical officer to come to my apartment unnecessarily and go to the homes of sick people. I just want to be prescribed or advised on a cure for insomnia. Remotely. By phone.

The whole horror is that I personally took an antibiotic only because the doctor said that I could become infected with coronavirus when I visited the red zone of the clinic. The coronavirus is still poorly understood. The course of the disease can be rapid. Therefore, I still took the remedy that was prescribed and given to me at the clinic. A remedy that has strong side effects..."

August 28 :

"I am still under house arrest (I can no longer call this forced sitting at home) and I am still waiting for an official response from the polyclinic administration to my questions about the diagnosis, treatment and the reason for forced isolation..."

August 31 :

“For the 11th day I have been sitting as if under house arrest (sorry, this is not isolation, the word is not), I am spending the summer with a severe sleep disorder and a slight appetite disorder, I am upset because I did not receive the promised official written letter in 7 days. the answer to my questions is neither from the clinic, nor from the Department of Health.

I repeat: I do not want blood (except perhaps a steak with blood), I want an official written apology and an official analysis of the situation. I want no one else to be locked at home just like that, at the whim of a doctor. Or they didn’t lie in the face (well, on the phone) about the reasons why a person cannot go out for 14 days.

Farewell to Summer! I suspected that I would remember you, but what exactly is it..."