Posted 3 сентября 2020,, 12:11

Published 3 сентября 2020,, 12:11

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10 times cheaper than usual! Celera 500L ultra-efficient aircraft tested in the USA

10 times cheaper than usual! Celera 500L ultra-efficient aircraft tested in the USA

3 сентября 2020, 12:11
Due to its aerodynamic qualities, this aircraft consumes 10 times less fuel than traditional.

Celera 500L is an ultra-efficient experimental aircraft of the American company Otto Aviation Group, which was founded in 2008 specifically for the development of this aircraft, its testing and certification. The first flight of the Celera 500L took place in November 2019, and by the end of August 2020, 31 test flights had already been carried out, after which the company announced that the machine had passed flight tests.

How is the Celera 500L different from other aircraft?

It has a unique fuselage shape specially designed to increase laminar flow (laminar flow, or flow - in which a liquid or gas moves in layers without agitation or pulsation, which dramatically reduces drag) around an aircraft compared to a conventional aircraft.

The Celera 500L has 59% less drag than a conventional aircraft of the same size and performance.

And therefore, first of all, it is definitely not inferior to competitors in flight characteristics. Its cruising speed reaches 740 km / h, and its flight range is more than 8300 km. Secondly, if traditional aircraft have a fuel consumption of 80-120 liters per 100 km, then the ultra-efficient Celera 500L has only 9-13 liters per 100 km!

It also has a phenomenal planning rate of 22: 1. That is, by starting gliding with the engine off at an altitude of 10 km, the Celera 500L will be able to fly over 200 km.

All this data together drastically reduce costs: the cost of a flight hour of competitors is more than $ 2 thousand, and the Celera 500L - 328.

The device is planned to be mass-produced in 2025.