Posted 4 сентября 2020,, 16:12

Published 4 сентября 2020,, 16:12

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A century-long mass rape: Where the new ethics comes from

A century-long mass rape: Where the new ethics comes from

4 сентября 2020, 16:12
Historical trauma cannot be drowned out by hounding another film producer, but only by killing the rapist in oneself.

Alexander Pochinkov turned to one of the most popular topics on social networks - the so-called "New Ethics", around which massive scandals flare up and polemic spears break:

The "new ethics" cannot be accepted. But it's very easy to understand.

For about a hundred years, the planet was trampled by iron people in iron boots. Who raped people with their iron members.

The aggressors came and raped all the conquered. Liberators came for them, raped the aggressors and the liberated. One government replaced another, and they all raped the population...

From these unnatural relationships, children were born. Who were also raped right from birth. And they themselves, having matured, put on iron boots and went to rape.

A hundred years of brutal violence could not be wasted. At some point, people should have gotten tired of it. Even the iron people.

And they were tired.

First they took off their iron boots. They released the conquered and liberated - victims of total rape. And then they thought - what was it with us? Why did we do this?

We are now seeing convulsive attempts to make sense of this global trauma. We were all born out of rape. We are all complicit in rape in one way or another. What can we do about it? Who should heal our trauma and how?

While the process is at the very beginning. And while it goes badly, through the stump-deck. So far, we see attempts to find a scapegoat and hang on him all these massive rapes of our ancestors and ourselves.

And this is natural. While people are overwhelmed with resentment. It is not they who say it - it is their injuries that speak. Iron limbs that scratched them from the inside. Unhappy mutilated flesh. Unhappy crippled mind ...

But better late than never. It is much worse to pretend that nothing special has happened.

In the house of the hanged man they don't talk about the rope. In the house of a raped man, a son and a grandson of the raped, it is strange to talk about "traditions", about "family values" and "traditional gender roles" and the unethical nature of abortion. It's worse than burying your head in the sand. This means justifying global mass rape. And this sets the stage for its repetition.

People will gradually figure out how to live with it. Inner pain cannot be drowned out by hounding another film producer.

The only way out is to kill the rapist in yourself. Scrap your iron boots and your iron member. And try to live like human beings.

And then at least our children will not be raped. And they will not rape others. And they will learn to resist the aggressors.

Because only a free person can resist an aggressor. And not the one who wants to kill the dragon in order to become a dragon himself..."