Posted 8 сентября 2020,, 06:20

Published 8 сентября 2020,, 06:20

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Prayer, magic spells, fly-agaric tincture... What the sorcerers offer in the era of COVID-19

Prayer, magic spells, fly-agaric tincture... What the sorcerers offer in the era of COVID-19

8 сентября 2020, 06:20
The pandemic has become an ideal breeding ground for the enrichment of magicians and sorcerers. Now they can make money on the "treatment" for coronavirus, without interfering with clients, which guarantees themselves both protection from illness and confidentiality.

At the same time, some offer amulets and prayers, while others are not averse to resorting to black magic.

Daria Voznesenskaya

To diagnose a coronavirus infection in a person, magicians only need a first and last name, date of birth and photographs - a banal set that they use in the "treatment" of other ailments. However, prices vary from region to region. For example, in Belgorod the diagnosis to a correspondent of was told for free: looking at a photograph of the right hand the healer Seraphim determined that the person was not sick with coronavirus, but has the "energy-related problems". At the same time, amulets from COVID-19 can be purchased in Belgorod at a price of 1.2 to 3 thousand rubles.

Magicians from Nizhny Tagil also offer amulets against coronavirus, because, in their opinion, it's all about the damage imposed. So, the healer Victoria sells amulets at a price of 8 thousand rubles apiece.

In the Stavropol Territory, clairvoyant Yelena said that magicians "do not ward off infection", only doctors can help. But she still did not refuse to earn extra money on the problem: she offered to conduct diagnostics for 3 thousand rubles, writes NewsTracker.

But the hereditary magician Sophia from Omsk, on the contrary, believes that doctors cannot be trusted with the treatment of coronavirus. Diagnostics costs only 500 rubles. After that, according to Omsk55, she is ready to read prayers for a cure from the coronavirus. At the same time, the Omsk tarologist Maria completely refused to take money and try to cure COVID-19, honestly admitting that a person would only waste time and savings.

In Nizhny Novgorod, the hereditary witch Amalia asks for the rite of getting rid of the coronavirus for the whole family 4 thousand rubles. And in Kazan, magician Maria offered to cure COVID-19 from a family of six for 66 thousand rubles, but the Inkazan correspondent managed to reduce the price to 49 thousand rubles. The services of this magician can be used in installments. Maria also stated that her methods are "brutal, but effective". The result will have to wait 10 days. The magician promises to record the performed ceremonies on video.

In Vladivostok, healers do not indicate prices for their services, because in the process of work it may turn out that stronger magic is needed, which will already cost more. A sorceress from Karelia generally stated that it may take a long time to select the necessary treatment, writes Karelinform. “If, let's say, there is something very complicated, then it takes a very long time to select. And if it turned out right from the first attempt, then, one might say, it's a luck”, - says Irina.

The sorceress also does not name the exact amount for her work. We only know that it ranges from 2 to 4 thousand rubles per session. According to Irina, she has to deal with the "removal" of the coronavirus, as she "also needs money". At the same time, she refused to impose coronavirus damage. The magicians from Omsk did the same.

But in Nizhny Novgorod, sorcerers are ready not only to get rid of coronavirus infection, but also to “reward” unwanted people with it. So, the hereditary fortune teller Larisa invited the NewsNN reporter to conduct a ritual of black magic. To do this, she will need a lock of hair or a piece of clothing from a person who is to become infected with COVID-19. “Let's make a ritual to weaken health. A person will start to waste away, not understanding why”, - said Larisa, who asked for 6 thousand rubles for such a service.

"The most famous sorcerer in Siberia" Alexander Bogdanovich from Yekaterinburg agreed to inject coronavirus on a rival of a customer for the 16 thousand rubles. Moreover, if the sorcerer from Nizhny Novgorod did not give any guarantees, then Bogdanovich promised a one hundred percent result, Tagilcity reports.

As Novye Izvestia found out, in most regions, magicians do not want to meet live, referring to the coronavirus. They took advantage of the general trend and switched to telecommuting. Here the pandemic played into their hands: after all, now the client does not have any information at all about where the magician is, and what he looks like at all, so if something happens, law enforcement officers will search for him for a long time, if they find him at all.

However, in Tyumen, a healer was found who did not refuse to meet with those who want to be cured of the coronavirus. The correspondent of Our City, having come to Rasif 's reception, saw a huge crowd, which he compared with the queue in the office of the doctor on duty.

During the session, the sorceress whispered suras from the Koran, moved her hands over the head of the "patient", burned a match, and then did the same over the water, allegedly speaking from the coronavirus. At the same time, faith in her healing abilities and the Almighty is a guarantee for healing. The cost of Rasifa's "treatment" is anti-crisis - only 150 rubles.

Note that Tyumen was one of the most inventive magicians. If in other regions they offer banal amulets and conspiracies, then sorcerers prefer methods that are more like traditional medicine. Tyumen Vanga is able to "remove" the coronavirus with 300 grams of raisins, 300 grams of honey and five liters of water. They are necessary for a kind of "diet" on which the patient will have to sit. Such "treatment" costs 3 thousand rubles. At the same time, the healer gives a guarantee that not a single ailment will take a person on such a "diet".

Another healer, Matrona Tyumenskaya, in order to recover from the coronavirus, offered to drink mushroom tincture and the ASD2 fraction, which is used by cancer patients. Also, according to her, Arbidol helps. Apparently, she also moonlights on advertising.

In addition, Matrona Tyumenskaya promises to transfer the disease to a stray dog - it is better if it comes from a kennel. “The main thing is that no one should regret the animal later if something happens to it, otherwise the disease will return to you”, - Matrona advises.

Magicians from Stavropol also distinguished themselves by sophisticated methods of treatment for coronavirus. There was found a clairvoyant healer who conducts treatment with "cosmoenergy" - at the cellular level, at the level of karma and DNA. He is convinced that the coronavirus is weaker than staphylococcus, which he knows how to heal, which means that the trick should work with a new infection. For one session, this healer will have to pay 3550 rubles. After two sessions, that is, for 7100 rubles, the patient's body temperature should return to normal.

Another witch from the Stavropol Territory diagnoses coronavirus on tarot cards, lamb shoulder or sheep liver. Also, in the process of "treatment", the patient must perform the "Ritual of the Banishing Pentagram, developed in the Order of the Golden Dawn" three times a day.

“Consultation on external influences in the form of a Tarot layout is free. Fortune-telling on a sheep's shoulder or a sheep's liver is performed only at the request of the client, its cost is the purchase of an animal and transportation. The same applies to other rituals: I take money immediately for the purchase of "consumables": candles, incense, drinks, food, which are used in rituals. After all, I tell the person that if I helped him, let him thank him according to his understanding. I don’t take “live” money in my hands - there are details on my business card where to send it, ”the sage shared.

Doctors unanimously reiterate: you should not waste time contacting sorcerers, because they will not help you in any way, and your condition may worsen not only because of the rapid flow of coronavirus, but also because of untested methods of magical "treatment".

Hegumen Anthony believes that the least that people can lose when communicating with magicians is money. In 90% of cases, these are charlatans and crooks, and in 10% - dangerous sorcerers associated with demonic forces. “These forces surpass any human, and there is no good in them. Their task is to do evil. Turning to those who are not a charlatan, namely, those who are connected with the forces of evil, a person voluntarily opens his soul to the influence of demonic forces", - Anthony explained in an interview with VostokMedia.

The consequences of turning to such magicians can be dire - from severe mental disorders to suicide.

Psychologist Sabina Alekseyeva is confident that people go to magicians, because they provide an instant solution to the problem, or, to be more precise, his illusion. At the same time, if it comes to health, the Russians are “blown away” in an all-consuming hope for a miracle, the expert said. “But a miracle will not happen, especially when it comes to the virus, no hand passes will help”, - says Alekseyeva.

There is no corruption, but it happens that some problems arise from others. “For example, a person contracted the coronavirus, lost his job because of the pandemic, and quarreled with his family due to stress. All this is forming in his head like a jigsaw puzzle, and it seems to him that he was cursed”, - says psychologist Olga Sergeyeva .

To avoid going to magicians, which can not only deprive you of money, but also health, experts recommend to calm down and weigh all the pros and cons. The most important thing to remember is that there is nothing 100% proven in parapsychology, says Oksana Tselischeva, a psychologist from Petrozavodsk.

According to VTsIOM, 36% of Russia's residents consider certain people capable of causing damage and evil eye.

A third of Russians are not only superstitious, but also believe that some people are endowed with magical superpowers. At the same time, every fourth respondent claimed that he personally encountered manifestations of witchcraft.

The survey also showed that women are more inclined to believe in mysticism than men. And these beliefs are most powerful in rural areas and small towns, residents of megalopolises believe in witchcraft much less often.