Posted 8 сентября 2020,, 10:45

Published 8 сентября 2020,, 10:45

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The court found Mikhail Yefremov guilty

The court found Mikhail Yefremov guilty

8 сентября 2020, 10:45
The Presnensky Court of Moscow found the artist Mikhail Yefremov guilty in the case of an accident, the victim of which was the driver Sergey Zakharov. On June 8, on the Garden Ring in Moscow, Yefremov, intoxicated, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with a small truck.

In the Presnensky court of the capital, a high-profile trial of the actor Mikhail Yefremov is coming to an end. He is accused of committing an accident in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, as a result of which a person died.

“The court found the artist Mikhail Yefremov guilty in the case of a fatal traffic accident committed while intoxicated. The judge continues to read the verdict, the term will be announced later", - Kommersant reports.

Earlier, the prosecution requested 11 years in prison for Yefremov. An accident on the Garden Ring in Moscow occurred on June 8. In a state of intoxication, Mikhail Yefremov drove into the oncoming lane, where he rammed another car, driven by a courier Sergei Zakharov. Zakharov died of his injuries in the hospital.

Initially, Yefremov wrote down the penitential appeal, then he denied his guilt, but on the eve of the announcement of the verdict, he nevertheless pleaded guilty.

On September 7, director and actor Ivan Okhlobystin turned to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to "spare" Yefremov. He stated that the actor would not tolerate the conclusion.