Posted 9 сентября 2020,, 07:10

Published 9 сентября 2020,, 07:10

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Yefremov will read Okhlobystin's play to the prison staff

Yefremov will read Okhlobystin's play to the prison staff

9 сентября 2020, 07:10
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Actor Mikhail Yefremov, sentenced to eight years in prison for a fatal road accident, agreed with the leadership of the Moscow SIZO-5 that he would read the play of his colleague Ivan Okhlobystin, Steam, to the employees and the utility unit.

According to Marina Litvinovich, a member of the Public Monitoring Commission (POC) of Moscow, Yefremov has already met with the head of the pre-trial detention center.

“They have found a common language and have already agreed that he will read the play named Steam for the utility unit, which is here, and for the employees”, - Litvinovich quoted Interfax as saying.

She also added that the pre-trial detention center had already "found something for him to be useful".

"Steam" Okhlobystin wrote specifically for Yefremov. In it, the actor must convey a sense of uncertainty and impending disaster. The play takes place in Roman baths, its characters are inhabitants of ancient Rome. Okhlobystin said that Yefremov was "carried away by the play and dreamed of staging it".

According to Litvinovich, Yefremov feels good and treats everything in a philosophical way. After the necessary tests (fluorography, coronavirus test), a psychologist talked to the actor. There are two more people in the cell with Yefremov - a citizen of Russia and a citizen of Belarus.

- He ended up in a rather good pre-trial detention center compared to others, said a member of the PMC, pointing out that there is a kettle and a TV in the cell.

The verdict - eight years in a general regime colony - Yefremov's defense intends to appeal. The actor's lawyer Elman Pashayev said that he had already "filed a short complaint against the verdict". Earlier it was said that the actor can be released on parole in four years.

Let us recall that on June 8, he became the culprit of an accident in the center of Moscow. Drunk and under the influence of drugs, he got behind the wheel, drove into the oncoming lane and collided with another car, the driver of which died in the hospital the next day. The prosecutor asked to sentence Yefremov to 11 years in prison, Yefremov said that such a severe sentence would become a life sentence for him.

Yefremov admitted his guilt, but not immediately. Yefremov's lawyer tried for a long time to assure the court that another person was driving his client's car at the time of the accident. All the testimony of the witnesses was broken against the facts.