Posted 10 сентября 2020,, 13:30

Published 10 сентября 2020,, 13:30

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Lies for the profit: who made money on the total fight against smoking

Lies for the profit: who made money on the total fight against smoking

10 сентября 2020, 13:30
The fight against smoking may not be caused at all by the data on the dangers of tobacco, but provoked by the war between the two world mafias - tobacco and pharmaceutical.

As you know, the Russian anti-tobacco law is considered one of the most stringent in the world and is based on the data of the reports of the American Ministry of Health on the dangers of smoking.

And what is really going on, - asks blogger Alexander Morozov, citing a link to a publication about the "case of corrupt experts". As you know, back in 2014, the court of the capital District of Columbia of the United States decided to remove from the lists of materials distributed by the Food & Drug Administration (a department that deals, among other things, with tobacco), several reports of the American Ministry of Health on the dangers of smoking for smokers and those around them. persons, and exclude from the FDA advisers three experts involved in the preparation of these documents.

It turned out that these so-called experts were hired by the well-known pharmaceutical companies Glaxo and Pfizer, and they invested a huge amount of money in the global campaign to combat smoking, by the way, earned from the OTC sale of anti-tobacco drugs. In the reports of experts it was argued, among other things, that nicotine addiction is even stronger than heroin addiction !!! That is, all smokers came out as terrible drug addicts. Another report warned of the dire dangers of secondhand smoke. And on these theses the WHO anti-tobacco concept was based. Both of these documents were disqualified, but our anti-tobacco law, adopted under the convention, is still valid.

It turned out that three experts Jonathan Samet, Neal Benowitz and Jack Henningfield received grants and other awards from two pharmaceutical corporations for almost thirty years in a row, nightmares the whole world with tales of secondhand smoke and so on, forcing people to go to doctors to quit the deadly habit. And the American judge Richard Leon found that all these were selfish pranks of the medical lobby. Just look at the list of those who fund the anti-smoking campaign around the world.

Therefore, the court's decision clearly means that much of the information about the dangers of smoking is falsified, and that they cannot be taken into account. However, this is not a secret for anybody for a long time. Statistician Michael McFadden has long gone through the primary sources and found that there are only 6 reports on this topic.

For example, the stories about the fact that in America, after the ban on smoking, deaths from heart attacks have greatly decreased. However, at the same time, the report included statistics collected BEFORE the bans, and not even in the whole of America, but only in one of the hospitals - so it was published AFTER the bans. The same story with statistics happened with lung cancer, the incidence of which fell in California BEFORE the bans, and not AFTER.

Moreover, it has been argued that secondhand smoke causes periodontal disease. Yes. But not in people, but in rats, and in those rats that were stuffed into tiny boxes and filled with tobacco smoke - well, like pumping smoke from 10 thousand cigarettes into a telephone booth with a person ... No better proof about the dangers of active smoking ... In the statistics of 400 thousand deaths in America from smoking per year, half of the victims were over 72 years old, and a fifth of them were over 80, and they died from ailments that are only considered to be associated with tobacco smoking.

As you know, tobacco came into the world from the Indians, who smoked it for thousands of years, but for some reason did not give it up. And not without reason, because it is known for certain that smoking is the most effective anti-stress remedy that allows you to escape from difficult experiences, to focus on finding the right way out of trouble, giving an impulse to action - that is, objectively contributing to survival in dangerous situations. And apparently, that is why, having guessed this empirically, the Indians did not quit smoking throughout their history. It is also known that there is a correlation between smoking and cardiovascular disease. Old doctors often told smokers who complained of "angina pectoris" that they should not quit smoking.

In addition, nicotinic acid is often used in cardiovascular therapy (vitamin PP, aka E375 food supplement, banned in Russia since 2008), which reduces the percentage of cholesterol in the blood and improves cerebral circulation. Why is this not the anti-infarction effect of tobacco?

So we have to admit that it is not only American pharmaceutical companies who benefit from lobbying for the fight against smoking - they are just the tip of the iceberg. There is clearly someone behind them, and this whole campaign is nothing more than a showdown between the drug business, one of whose branches are pharmaceutical companies, and the tobacco business.

By the way, the coronavirus pandemic also demonstrated the following fact: among the patients with COVID-19 at the largest Parisian university hospital Pitier-Salpitrieres, the proportion of smokers was five times less than the proportion of non-smokers than the proportion of smokers in the population. In general, for more than 11 thousand hospitalized with COVID-19 patients in Paris and the metropolitan area, the share of smokers was three times less than in the French population.

It is not surprising that publications of this kind of statistics are carefully erased by the drug and pharmaceutical mafia. The blogger claims that through his channels he became aware of similar Parisian figures in the Volgograd region, and most likely all over the world...

From the editor:

Despite the data given by the author, the harm of smoking is an absolutely proven fact. Novye Izvestia in no way encourages readers to start smoking, or give up the desire to quit this harmful habit.