Posted 15 сентября 2020,, 08:54

Published 15 сентября 2020,, 08:54

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Mikhail Delyagin: "These elections have become a new step in the deligitimation of all and everything"

15 сентября 2020, 08:54
“The last attempt to conduct a dialogue with the authorities, while remaining within the framework of the law, will be made by the society in the next elections”, - Mikhail Delyagin believes. On the air of Radio Aurora, the analyst commented on the results of the past elections and outlined the prospects for the next.

“Based on the results of the elections, taking into account the three-day voting.

Once upon a time we had a night governor in St. Petersburg, who was cooler than Sobchak, and now we have a whole night party, as her name is now, because as a result of night vigils, apparently, she got her wonderful result, which is now so proud. True, this is a hypothesis.

I think that any result that is less than the folkloric 146% should be recognized as an absolute disaster, an absolute failure.

But they think differently and are terribly happy with the result they received.

I have not met people who could believe it.

Even when you ask people from United Russia, how do you guys believe in this result? They say, well, calculated, probably most likely, in most cases, correct...

So this is a new step in the de-legitimation of everything and everyone.

This is another demonstration by the authorities that dialogue with them on the essential matters is impossible.

On the question of where to install the swing - yes, this can be discussed, but the question of whether it is necessary to lay storm sewers not only in Moscow, but also in Chita - the authorities are not able to maintain a dialogue on this topic.

Where the scale of the cut exceeds a certain threshold level, everything ends. And this is a serious question.

The last form of attempt at normal interaction of society with this power will be undertaken at the next elections.

Since the authorities liked the results very much, we have a high probability of early elections.

Although, according to my observations, they see early elections simply as a way to remove the reaction, but now they themselves began to believe in their own tests.

It doesn't matter if the elections are in March, April or September, but this will be the last attempt of the society to conduct a dialogue with the authorities, while remaining within the law.

If it goes as it does now, it will be clear that this is already unrealistic.

Moreover, this question does not concern the extent of the falsification. Maybe they do not exist, just nobody believes that they do not exist.

Well, with the exception, of course, of the employees of the United Russia party itself.