Posted 15 сентября 2020,, 13:52

Published 15 сентября 2020,, 13:52

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Ministry of Justice demanded to deprive Pashayev of the status of a lawyer

Ministry of Justice demanded to deprive Pashayev of the status of a lawyer

15 сентября 2020, 13:52
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Lawyer Elman Pashayev runs the risk of losing his professional status: the Ministry of Justice has submitted representations to the chambers of lawyers in Moscow and North Ossetia. This was reported on the website of the department.

The documents of the Ministry of Justice contain a requirement to initiate disciplinary proceedings against lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky and to terminate the status of lawyer Elman Pashayev.

During the trial of the resonant fatal accident on the Garden Ring in Moscow, Elman Pashayev was the lawyer of the accused actor Mikhail Yefremov, and Alexander Dobrovinsky represented the interests of the family of the driver who died in the accident, Sergei Zakharov.

According to the investigation, on the evening of June 8, actor Mikhail Yefremov, while driving in a state of intoxication, drove into the oncoming lane in the center of Moscow, where he collided with a van driven by driver Sergey Zakharov. Zakharov died of his injuries in the hospital.

Based on the results of the consideration of the criminal case, Yefremov was sentenced to eight years in prison and to the payment of a fine of 800 thousand rubles in favor of the eldest son of the deceased driver.

As notes, disciplinary measures of lawyers include reprimand, warning and termination of lawyer status. In the latter case, the offender will be able to restore the status after a certain period (from one to five years). He will have to pass a qualifying exam.

"The submissions are connected with the public statements of the lawyers A. A. Dobrovinsky and E. M. Pashaev, admitted in the course of representing the interests of the parties in a criminal case initiated on the fact of a traffic accident with the participation of M. O. Yefremov," the Ministry of Justice said ...

The department clarified that "such statements contain signs of violations of the law on advocacy and the legal profession and the Code of Professional Ethics of Lawyers, as well as demonstrate a disdain for the rules of the legal profession and indicate disregard for corporate discipline, ethics and morality."

The reason for the intervention of the Ministry of Justice was the active participation of both defenders in television shows, where the details of the high-profile accident were discussed. According to media reports, criminal prosecution may begin against Pashayev, caused by the admission of three false witnesses to the process.

According to Dozhd , the federal chamber of lawyers confirmed the violation of ethics by Elman Pashayev. After the verdict, Mikhail Yefremov said that the lawyer Pashayev “set him up”. At the stage of appeal against the verdict, Yefremov refused Pashayev's services.