Posted 15 сентября 2020, 07:36

Published 15 сентября 2020, 07:36

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NYT: Navalny is going to return to Russia

15 сентября 2020, 07:36
Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny said he was going to return to Russia after his recovery and continue his activities, reports The New York Times.

On the eve of the Berlin clinic Charite reported that Navalny's condition is improving, he was disconnected from the ventilator, now the patient can get out of bed.

- He's not going to emigrate to Germany. He wants to return home to Russia and wants to continue his activities, - a source from among representatives of the German security agencies told the publication.

The interlocutor points out that now Navalny is fully aware of "what state he is in", "what happened and where he is".

Let us recall that Navalny felt bad on board the plane that was flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The crew made a decision to urgently land the board in Omsk. Omsk doctors did not find the traces of poisoning in Navalny's organism, but experts in Berlin, where the oppositionist who was already in a coma, was later delivered, determined the poisoning immediately, assuring that they had found Novichok poison in the politician's body. In addition, the presence of Novichok in Navalny 's body was confirmed by three independent laboratories in Germany, France and Sweden.

Note that Germany refused to provide Russia with the results of Navalny's analyzes.