Posted 15 сентября 2020, 10:40

Published 15 сентября 2020, 10:40

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While alive - pay! In Belgorod authorities write off the pensions of invalids for the debts on housing and communal services

15 сентября 2020, 10:40
Neither the coronavirus pandemic nor disability save the most vulnerable citizens from “legal” taking their money away.

Angelica Dean

Hardly anyone has doubts that the governor of the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko, who headed the list of "United Russia" in the elections to the regional Duma, will win. On the eve of the Governor's daughter Olga Savchenko on her Facebook page boasted the news: “Evgeny Savchenko was in the top 3 governors of Russia. According to the National Rating, nothing has changed since last year - our governor still has the same third place. Only two chapters worked more efficiently than Savchenko - Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov and Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

Here are just the most vulnerable segments of the population - pensioners, disabled people, terminally ill people face the lawlessness and arbitrariness of the authorities, and Governor Savchenko is well aware of this. Itself personally wrote him a message in the "Contacts" group about "collecting pensions from pensioners, disabled people who are being treated in a hospital in the midst of a pandemic." This method was advised by the governor's press secretary Sergei Petrovich Lukinov. There is no answer, alas.

On September 11, 2020, a pensioner, a disabled person of group 1, who is inpatient treatment at the polyclinic number 1 of the city of Belgorod (diagnosed with lung cancer), Alexey Vasilyev (changed his last name at the request of a pensioner - he is afraid of reprisals from the authorities) from a pension card without warning more than 10 thousand rubles were withdrawn in favor of the Quadra company - the debt for heat energy. Moreover, Justice of the Peace E.N. Zhigulova in the so-called "simplified procedure" has collected debts from the most vulnerable people since 2016 precisely at the height of the pandemic - at the beginning of August 2020. Recovered from penalties and fines - contrary to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 2, 2020 No. 4241 "until January 1, 2021, according to which" the collection of a forfeit (fine, penalty) in case of untimely and (or) not paid in full amount of payment is suspended for residential premises, utilities and payments for major repairs. " By the way, the Russian government sent an additional 1.2 billion rubles to the Belgorod region (according to the BelPress agency) to support the population during the pandemic. They wrote off from the pension card and from a resident of the city of Belgorod, a pensioner, a disabled person of the second group, who is also currently being treated in a hospital, - Vera Bredikhina (surname changed at the request of the pensioner).

In May 2020, the largest producer and supplier of heat energy - PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation” applied to the court of the Belgorod Region with a large packet of lawsuits to collect debts for heat energy from pensioners and labor veterans with cancer (the list of debtors is published on the website of the company “Quadra - Power Generation”). Pensioners applied to the Quadra company with requests for a postponement, providing certificates of serious illnesses, planned and performed operations, in particular, at the Herzen Institute. As a result, the money was still written off from pensions during the stay of pensioners in hospitals, and all the promises about installments were fictitious. It is no secret that in spite of free medicine, patients buy their own medicines, injections and do tests for their own money.

Aleksey Vasiliev, after there was no money on his pension card, cannot buy the medicines he needs for treatment. Alexey Vasiliev was awarded many awards and medals for his valiant work, in particular the Order of the Badge of Honor. Despite his retirement age, he worked in production until the doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer. Is it possible to call the actions against the disabled Alexey Vasiliev humane? Is it really impossible to wait for Alexey Vasiliev to leave the hospital, and then collect the debt from his pension? Is it possible that a resident of the regional center who has worked in this city for more than 50 years (his portrait has been hanging on the Board of Honor of the regional center for years) did not deserve a reprieve for the debt during his treatment? Behind the fate of Alexey Vasiliev is the fate of the workers of the Soviet Union, who have turned out to be unnecessary in our time and driven into a corner by the monstrous attitude of the authorities and society.

Here's another example from the same area. House 83 on Pobedy Street of the city of first firework in Belgorod is located near the main square of the city and the regional administration. In 1977, this nine-storey building with ten entrances was commissioned for the foremost workers and heroes of the once-all-Union plant of metal construction. Spacious apartments in Victory Park were given to hard workers for their valiant work. Many worked at the plant for 30 years until it was sold. The once giant factory has turned into a private shop that makes fences. Debts for heat are being collected from the former foremost workers of the PJSC Quadra plant. I repeat that the magistrate's court does this automatically, in a simplified manner, without the participation of the defendants, without notification of the written off debt.

By the way, in the United States during the pandemic, not only large sums of money were paid twice to all segments of the population, but also debts for utility bills were written off to many. Vasily Yankovich Romani, a New Yorker, performer of romances and operas, told NI about this: “Trump gave the entire population good money during the pandemic, and I, an emigrant from Russia, also received very good money. He supported all segments of the population. As a rule, all utility bills have been written off in most US states".