Posted 16 сентября 2020,, 10:59

Published 16 сентября 2020,, 10:59

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It's just awful... Moscow is being built up with the inhuman "human ant-hills"

It's just awful... Moscow is being built up with the inhuman "human ant-hills"

16 сентября 2020, 10:59
"Boxes with windows", say Muscovites about the buildings that developers present as the residential buildings. These monsters cannot cause any emotions, except horror.

The popular Moscow blogger Nefer went to Dmitrovskoe highway, where a new architectural "miracle" has just been erected, which looks so unrealistic and creepy that it has already become a city landmark - the Seliger City residential complex:

"Hair stand on end. You have to design SUCH. This is the “Seliger City” residential complex from MR Group - a giant impregnable wall. There is another one behind her. Such a whopper rises, compare with people and cars. Architectural concept: high-rise buildings in an urban style with clinker tiles, a popular format for new buildings in Europe. Kind of Dutch style. Well, yes, only in a hypertrophied size. High-rise buildings will frame the territory of the residential complex, creating a cozy space inside, which will house low-rise buildings and a courtyard. Cozy, yeah.

Lower-rise houses do not create a visual load, they are even quite cute. There is one more incomprehensible moment, the buildings of the complex are named after famous people: Rembrandt, Rubens, Barents - the first stage; Bryullov, Repin, Bering - the second stage; Van Gogh, Kandinsky - third stage. Why then Seliger City? And if Seliger City, then what are these names for?

A fourth stage was also planned: Lomonosov, Levenguk and New Holland proper. As far as I understand, these buildings will not be built. And there must be a school..."

The blogger cites the comments of Muscovites about this miracle:

- the great Seliger wall

- concrete ghetto

- even visually it is not comfortable, not to mention that the metro and roads will be even more loaded

- yes, there will be a complete delight when all this is populated, it will simply not be possible to get into the metro, we will live - the ugliest new building not only in the district, but also in the surrounding area

- it's just some kind of monster, one of the most unusual buildings in Moscow!

By the way, this complex is not at all alone in its disgrace: in the neighborhood, the notorious PIK company is building another one - Ilmensky 17 on the territory of a former car repair plant.

“In general, the idea is not bad”, the blogger sums up, “If you study the project in detail, everything is very well thought out and attractive. Landscaped territory and infrastructure, as it were, compensates for the ecological situation and the surrounding reality. But the appearance of the quarter is just hardcore..."

And in fact, in comparison with the multi-storey monsters, even the Old Testament Khrushchevs, where adult trees look into the windows of residents, and in each house there are no more than 80 apartments, will seem a masterpiece of architecture and certainly a comfortable living environment.