Posted 16 сентября 2020, 11:02

Published 16 сентября 2020, 11:02

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Lukashenko considered the revolutionary situation in Belarus a "myth"

16 сентября 2020, 11:02
The Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko called the statements about the “illegitimacy of the elections” and the maturing revolutionary situation in the republic the “myths”. He believes that what is happening in the country is not "something new".

"The allegedly spontaneous self-organization of society, the ripening of the so-called revolutionary situation, the "illegitimacy of elections" and the like are all myths. They are completely crushed by an in-depth analysis of the events that took place long before the electoral campaign of the current year", - the state agency BelTA quotes the president.

The Belarusian leader pointed out that what is happening now in the republic "is not something unexpected or new for us".

"Older people remember something different in Belarus, when thousands and thousands of people took to the streets in the 90s, turned over cars, burned them, threw "Molotov cocktails" on the first floors of the then not current boutiques and shops, but into the windows to the usual people", - said Lukashenko.

Lukashenko intends to acquaint the participants in the meeting - top officials of Belarus, parliamentarians, heads of state bodies - with operational analytical information "which will give answers to the most pressing questions of today and help to better orientate themselves in the political situation in and around Belarus".

We remind that protests against the official results of the August 9 elections have been going on in Belarus for more than a month. Not only the citizens of the republic, but also the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Politics Josep Borrell, speak about the illegitimacy of Lukashenko as president. He insists the elections were rigged.

Recently it became known that the EU sanctions against Minsk will be adopted before the European Council, scheduled for September 24-25. The sanctions will be targeted and aimed at a large number of "those responsible for the repression". However, the EU promised to overestimate and partially freeze relations with Belarus and in certain sectors. Also, the EU intends to allocate 53 million euros to support the Belarusian civil society. But the opposition asked the European Union even more - $ 4 billion.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to give money to Belarus. He promised a loan of $ 1.5 billion to Lukashenko during their conversation in Sochi. This money, says ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, does not need to be returned to Russia.