Posted 17 сентября 2020, 06:46

Published 17 сентября 2020, 06:46

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"Guardians" from the high road: who and how robbed the family of People's Artist Batalov

17 сентября 2020, 06:46
According to all the Laws, at all times, to offend a widow and an orphan is a grave crime.

“Do not oppress either the widow or the orphan ...if you oppress them, then My anger will kindle, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives will be widows, and your children will be orphans", - so it is written in the Old Testament.

Larisa Bravitskaya, actress, screenwriter

But we, unfortunately, live in a time when not only the Biblical and Gospel Laws, but also elementary decency, mercy and compassion have been forgotten. These moral, human laws have been replaced by bestial ones - divide and rule.

"I will die, and Gitana will be deceived", - Alexey Vladimirovich Batalov said with a sigh, looking at his wife, who was completely unfit for life.

Most of the time, Gitana Arkadyevna lived behind her husband's back, without leaving home and caring for her daughter. Alexey Vladimirovich conducted all the affairs, and she was engaged in everyday life. The couple invested all their love in their daughter Masha, who is disabled from birth (cerebral palsy). Love is known to work wonders. Thanks to the care of her parents, their incredible selfless work, Masha has grown into a full-fledged person. Moreover, Masha has acquired a profession. She has written books for children's fairy tales and scripts, one of which won an award for best script in 2008.

Alexey Vladimirovich worked hard so that Masha, when she does not become parents, would not have material problems, be free and independent from anyone. Everything collapsed with the departure of the Artist. A married couple appeared in the family - Natalya Drozhzhina and Mikhail Tsivin, elderly people, moreover, popular and permanent participants in all the funerals of significant persons. It was they who promised to knock out a place at the Preobrazhensky cemetery, where Alexey Vladimirovich's mother is buried, as well as the parents of Gitana Arkadyevna herself.

Here the widow would think that for the People's Artist, the favorite of more than one generation of spectators, there is no need to knock out a place in the cemetery, especially on Preobrazhensky, where there is already a family burial. But Gitana Arkadyevna, after the death of her husband, was in a state of shock, and even cataracts developed, and her legs were taken away. Therefore, without hesitation, she gave the "good people" a passbook so that they could pay for the funeral without hindrance.

However, she trusted this couple so much that she signed a general power of attorney for the management of all affairs, the disposal of all property, and in addition, she gave the keys to the safe deposit box. Of course, Gitana Arkadyevna, unadapted to life, was delighted with such a sweet, caring and sympathetic spouse. I signed documents without looking.

Masha, sensing unkindness, warned her mother, saying that she did not like this couple, but the enchanted Gitana Arkadyevna did not want to listen to anything. And the sweet couple of Drozhzhina - Tsivin, permanent participants in the scandalous television shows, excommunicated all their former friends from the Batalov family. Becoming full-fledged masters of the situation, they also managed to organize the Batalov Foundation.

The veil fell asleep and an epiphany came when Drozhzhina inadvertently mentioned that, according to the documents, she was Masha Batalova's guardian. It was then that Gitana Arkadyevna sounded the alarm, how is it that a guardian was appointed with a living mother! And then it turns out that, frivolously trusting two swindlers and swindlers, the widow of A.V. Batalov and his disabled daughter lost part of the apartment in the House on the Embankment, more two apartments, one of which is located on Kutuzovsky Prospect, a workshop, and all the money disappeared from the accounts and from the cell.

However, they left something in the cell. This is a watch belonging to A.V. Batalov himself. What blatant cynicism! Gitana Arkadyevna wrote a statement to the police. But Mikhail Tsivin reacted quickly, saying that Batalov's widow and daughter had fallen under bad influence, and that they had turned all these machinations with only one purpose - to protect Gitana Arkadyevna from the "terrible environment of advisers and advisers". they promise to return the documents and money, but... not to the widow, but to Batalov's daughter from her first marriage, Nadezhda.

Tsivin makes it clear that Gitana Arkadyevna and Masha are two incapacitated invalids: Masha is physically ill, and 85-year-old Gitana Arkadyevna is mentally. And if so, then, not to mention Masha, Gitana Arkadyevna herself also needs guardianship...

I'd like very much that these two people, the former head of the warehouse of bus station No. 7, Mikhail Tsivin, and his wife, actress and member of the United Russia party, Natalya Drozhzhina, did not escape punishment.

But why did these two non-poor and middle-aged people (both over seventy years old) shamelessly rob a gullible widow and a disabled person? What madness drives them?

We live at a time when the cult of money has been exalted to immense heights. There is no positive hero, no shame and conscience, no place and love. The power of money has replaced. Money has become an idol. They are worshiped, served, killed for their sake, betrayed, lie, violate the Law, and not only legal, but also moral.

"The whole world lies in evil", - wrote the Apostle John. And he added: "Keep yourself from idols".