Posted 17 сентября 2020,, 13:42

Published 17 сентября 2020,, 13:42

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:38

The rules for inviting foreigners have been tightened in Russia

The rules for inviting foreigners have been tightened in Russia

17 сентября 2020, 13:42
The Russian government has approved new rules of conduct for citizens of the country who want to invite friends from abroad. They differ significantly from the order that was in force before, and oblige the invitees to strictly monitor their guests.

Resolution No. 1428 , signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, appeared on the official Internet portal of regulatory legal acts on September 17. According to the document, which is expected to be in effect for the next six years, the rules of conduct for persons inviting foreign guests to Russia are significantly tightened.

From now on, the inviting party is obliged to guarantee the provision of a foreigner with housing, medical care and help him financially under the conditions specified in the letters of guarantee. In addition, the Russians must assist the foreigner in the implementation of the purpose of entry, which he indicated in the documents.

As clarifies Interfax, for those arriving on a business trip, the host party must ensure the conduct of negotiations, meetings or the conclusion of contracts. Those foreigners who come to Russia to work, the inviter is obliged to find a job. It is necessary to conclude an employment or civil law contract with a visitor, as well as provide him with a job.

“If a foreigner arrives with an educational or humanitarian purpose, he must be organized studies or events of a humanitarian, religious, cultural or sports nature”, - the message says.

The most significant changes will affect those who issue private invitations to foreign guests. The host country is now obliged to register such foreigners and rent housing for them. In this case, the contract should be concluded not for the visiting foreigner, but for the one who invited him.

The new order actually imposes police functions on the host side: the inviter is obliged to monitor his guest and regularly keep in touch with him. If, for some reason, communication is interrupted, then the receiving party must inform the police within two days.

The document does not detail whether the receiving party will bear any responsibility if it does not follow the invited person on a daily basis and report all his movements to the authorities. The resolution states that by July 15, 2021, the Ministry of Internal Affairs must analyze the practice of applying the new document and report to the government on the results.