Posted 21 сентября 2020,, 12:24

Published 21 сентября 2020,, 12:24

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Personal experience: a story about how a politician Yashin bought Rosgvardia ammunition

Personal experience: a story about how a politician Yashin bought Rosgvardia ammunition

21 сентября 2020, 12:24
It turned out that you can buy a uniform for an employee of the Russian Guard at a good discount right at the department of this department.

Opposition politician Ilya Yashin told a very entertaining story on his blog:

“I have a strange story for you. It's actually about my fiance's bachelorette party. But unexpectedly - also about the mess in the "Rosgvardia". What kind of connection would seem to be right? I'll tell you now.

So, on Saturday Vera gave a bachelorette concert. Hundreds of people, strippers on the stage, a bouquet flew into the hall. The fire party turned out.

Vera, of course, forbade me to come. Well, how did you ban it? She said: “The guards have been instructed not to let you in. If they see you in the hall, they'll kick you out". Then she thought and added: "But if you get through unnoticed, then well done, I'll be glad".

Vera loves games. And I love to play along with her.

In general, I came to the concert in the form of a security guard, a cap and a black medical mask. They let me into the club without question. I honestly admit: I took a fancy from the heart. He took our friends out into the street for indecent behavior. He made stern remarks and demanded to observe social distance. He put one friend facing the wall and carried out a personal search, "suspecting" that he had illegal substances. You should have seen their faces when I took off my mask at the end and they recognized me.

The apotheosis of this fun was my appearance on the stage during the dance of the strippers, whom I kicked out with the words: "There is nothing to be naked here!"

Vera, of course, had previously agreed on the performance of the strippers with the club and therefore was wildly outraged. After the end of the concert, she came up to me in the dressing room and began to make noisy claims to the insolent security guard. I pulled down the visor of my cap and stood in front of me, not saying a word. At some point, Vera fell silent and looked closely into my eyes.

"YOU!!! SERIOUSLY?! YOU???!!!"

In general, the prank was a success. It was a lot of fun.

And now I will tell you what Rosgvardia has to do with it.

It turned out to be easy to buy a T-shirt with the words "Protection" in Moscow. But I couldn't get a suitable cap. In the end, I found what I needed in the private classifieds application. Phoned, agreed, they gave me the address.

I'm coming. There is a sign on the door: "Branch of the Russian Guard"

I called: "I seem to be wrong with the address." The person replies: “No, it's okay. I'm going out now".

A man of about forty-five appears in the doorway in the uniform of a National Guard. In the hands of a package.

“Let's get away,” he says. "There are cameras here." I stomp after him in disbelief. “Here”, he puts the package into my hands. - Two hundred rubles from you.

I open the package: there is a uniform cap of a patrol officer.

- Is that your uniform?

- Yes, the extra uniform was brought to the department. I needlessly. Will you take it or not?

- Is it generally legal?

- What are you, cop?

- What?

- What?

As the saying goes: bring every nail from the factory, you are the owner here, not the guest. I convey my warm regards to General Zolotov..."