Posted 20 сентября 2020, 22:13

Published 20 сентября 2020, 22:13

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The death of the TV presenter Mikhail Borisov was confirmed by his sister

20 сентября 2020, 22:13
The famous TV presenter Mikhail Borisov passed away on September 19. The actor, director and permanent host of Russian Lotto was 71 years old.

- Yesterday we were bereaved - Mikhail Borisovich Borisov passed away. <…> Always energetic, full of life, a little ironic, Mikhail Borisovich seemed the embodiment of stability and calm confidence in the future. Mikhail Borisov was a real artist and left as an artist - right from the set, - it is written on the website of the Theater Institute. Shchukin.

Earlier today, Mikhail Borisov's sister denied his death. Later, she herself confirmed the tragic news.

- Probably the heart. I do not know exactly. He felt bad on television. Then he was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and could not be saved, - said Nina Borisova.

Earlier REN TV reported that Borisov's condition worsened during an attempt to transport him to another clinic. He was clinically dead, Izvestia reports. According to preliminary data, doctors suspected he had a coronavirus. He was connected to a ventilator.