Posted 21 сентября 2020,, 13:54

Published 21 сентября 2020,, 13:54

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The second wave of the pandemic will bring 1000 percent of profits to the Big Pharma

The second wave of the pandemic will bring 1000 percent of profits to the Big Pharma

21 сентября 2020, 13:54
In the case the governments of different countries officially announce new quarantine measures, pharmaceutical companies developing a vaccine against coronavirus will benefit.

Social networks are actively discussing the question: is the world really covered by the "second wave" of the pandemic.

Journalist Vasily Alenin, I am sure so, and gives fresh figures:

In the United States, there are about 7 million cases of COVID (+42 thousand per day). But Trump assures that there will be no more quarantine. In the UK there are about 400 thousand cases (+ 4.4 thousand), and Johnson does not exclude a national lockdown. In France (442 thousand; +13.5 thousand), the prime minister was sued "for the failure of the fight against covid" The Prime Minister of Slovakia (6.5 thousand cases; + 290 people) calls the situation critical...

As we can see, the figures clearly induce the authorities of many countries to resort to the lockdown again. But if already the first, spring lockdown seriously undermined the economies of many countries and caused massive discontent among citizens, then many in the world may not stand the second lockdown.

That is why “coronavirus protests” are spreading in the world, which can be roughly divided into two types. The first is against the policy of the authorities, who are unable to stop the pandemic and save the people from losses. The second is against any measures to combat coronavirus in general.

The journalists of the Present Time made a short review around the world:

  • Anti-Kovidians protested in Warsaw. They either do not believe in the existence of coronavirus, or they consider the methods of dealing with it to be some kind of conspiracy.
  • Hundreds of people protested in Edinburgh, Scotland against the mandatory wearing of masks and restrictions related to lockdown.
  • The Australian police made 74 arrests and 176 fines on the second day of the protests. The Prime Minister condemned their participants for "stupidity" and "selfishness".

News about such rallies - against masks, bans and restrictions - regularly appears in the media of different countries. Still, protests of a different type - economic - happen more often.

  • General strike of teachers in the Spanish Basque Country. They demand that the local authorities allocate more funds to schools.
  • Police in Durban (South Africa) dispersed the musicians' protest with tear gas. They blocked the highway, demanding that the authorities allow them to work and earn a living.
  • The hotel and restaurant business is protesting all over Spain, demanding financial assistance that would help him survive.

If restaurateurs ask for money because of a lack of work, then doctors around the world complain about its excess. There are especially many patients during a pandemic, and funding is not growing.

  • Doctors and nurses gathered in the center of Brussels. Demand to increase funding for health care in connection with the crisis caused by the coronavirus.
  • Madrid doctors protest at the entrances to hospitals. They demand better working conditions and higher wages.

One way or another, the COVID-19 pandemic has financially affected everyone, so the media talk about such protests with sympathy. Unlike other types of rallies, they are against the lockdown. They are more often condemned or ridiculed.

At the same time, in Russia, where almost as many fall ill per day as in Slovakia for six months (+6 148, only 1103 399 they prefer to talk not about the second wave, but about the "seasonal rise in the incidence rate".

And if, for example, the British started a skirmish with the police, protesting against bans and vaccinations, then Russian Minister Murashko at a rock festival calmly called for self-restraints in order to make it to the mass vaccination with "minimal losses".

Instead, the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence level in the second quarter of 2020, which hit the brunt of the pandemic crisis, reached 19.9 million people, or 13.5% of the country's total population, according to preliminary data from Rosstat. Compared to the first quarter, the number of Russians living below the poverty line has grown by 1.3 million. Consequently, the problem of poverty, loss of income and jobs ceases to be a special case, but becomes a national issue.

And then there's the "second wave"...

To the question: why did they suddenly start to spin coronavirus hysteria into the second round, social psychologist Alexei Roshchin answers in detail and convincingly in his blog:

“The answer is more than obvious, it is even more obvious than six months ago, when the madness was just being turned into a newcomer and there could still be illusions that someone is really afraid and is going to save humanity. It's much easier to understand today: it's about vaccines. A truly immense market with a volume of 7 billion consumers has opened before the "vaccinators", and the numbers there are, of course, truly fantastic. Any bezos and gates will seem like tramps to those who really take it!

Simple quote, Vedomosti newspaper: “The American biotechnology company Moderna has announced the cost of the COVID-19 vaccine for small deals: the price will be $ 32-37 per dose, Reuters reported. A two-dose course will cost $ 64-74. Moderna CEO Stephan Bansel defines a small order as “millions of doses”. The company previously announced that the cost of the vaccine for markets in the US and other countries with a high standard of living will be $ 25-30 per dose and $ 50-60 per course. ”

Let's even take the minimum - $ 50 “per course”. And let's imagine that it is necessary to vaccinate, for example, the population of Russia. How many "courses" will be required for a population of 145 million? Obviously, 100 million is the minimum. That's 5 billion dollars - like from a bush. And this is only from one country!

Moreover, vaccine sellers have a huge advantage even over drug sellers: drugs must be somehow promoted, promoted, looked for buyers, negotiated... Vaccination, as you know, is “free”. Why? Because the state pays for it. That is, the situation for the same "Modern" will be just ideal in the commercial sense: it sells wholesale the entire batch, all 200 million doses, to one buyer - the budget of the Russian Federation. And that's all, you just have to sit, count the profits.

And this is still a relatively small state - Russia. And if you take the EU? There are more than 500 million people. $ 25 billion! And India ?! 1.5 billion unfortunate people who are threatened by the "terrible covid"!

That is, the income here is phenomenal. At the same time - wholesale parties of incredible scale. That is, no matter how complicated the technological process turns out to be in the production of such vaccines, it needs to be worked out only once, and then the same type of product will go further, “the more, the cheaper per unit”. As old Marx said there: "With a profit rate of more than 1000% - there is no such crime..."? Vaccines promise over 1000%, that's for sure.

And then suddenly - a threat! By the end of the summer, the world calmed down, the "covid threat" got fed up and began to recede into the background, plus financiers and economists finally began to massively calculate losses from quarantines ... and, of course, weep. Against this background, the covid-skeptics and even many scientists began to raise their heads, who began to speak of an absolutely terrible, impossible heresy: that collective immunity had already been developed to covid in general (after almost six months of the virus floundering in the human broth of the Earth), and that there were no vaccines against it most likely will not be needed.

HOW NOT NEEDED ?? What are they talking about? People (with a capital letter) have already prepared to spill the market for "covid vaccines" with a volume of more than $ 100 billion - and then they are told that "thank you, no need, are we somehow right?" How SO ?! If you don't want to, we'll make you!

And now they are forced, especially since the tool - the world media - is still at hand. The plan is simple: to catch up with more horror, again drive everyone into masks and quarantines, terrorize, prohibit everything - work, walk, breathe air, communicate, have sex, sports, go to the movies, theaters and football, deprive of income - in a word, make the life of terrified and completely disoriented earthlings completely impossible. What for? Until they CRY: God (Allah, Akbar, holy heavens, etc.) - when will it all end?? Do anything with us, we already agree on everything - just let THIS NIGHTMARE end!!

And now, when the patient is brought back to the desired condition, he will be offered a fabulous solution to all problems: just a small vaccine! Well, think about it - an injection, injected - and go! How do you say - two injections? Yes, even ten - just stop, let us out!!

Russia has long been the strikebreaker of the covid mafia. In our country, mortality is blatantly considered at the very minimum (just to get rid of it), and they went to unheard-of insolence - they took and registered YOUR vaccine! It is clear that in violation of all and all procedures - but in this in the Russian Federation, of course, they are not far from all other vaccine producers (all manufacturing countries have unanimously reduced their vaccine approbation times by about 10 times). But the zealous Russian Federation will now be able to get rid of the same Modernity or Astra Zeneca (who, of course, sleep and see how to sell their miracle vaccines to Russia for 50 bucks), by the fact that “we already have it, thanks” (With a vaccine from the Gamaleya Institute there was, of course, a very competent move, I praise it without any sarcasm. Now I would like to ensure that she does not inject anyone - then there will be a complete success).

But in Russia they also managed to let it slip that the "terrible growth" of the so-called "incidence of covid" in our country (from 4,000 to 5,000 per day to 5,000) is primarily due to a sharp - one and a half times - increasing the number of tests! For anyone who understands at least something in statistics, it is obvious: more tests - more numbers, fewer tests - less numbers. At the same time, the press gives only the number of "infected", NEVER specifying the number of tests - which speaks better than any words about the completely manipulative nature of all the "measurements" cited "for horror".

The only question is - who will win? A covid mafia or responsible officials who do not want to bring down their countries to ruin for the sake of profit from pharmaceutical startups? It seems that the chances of officials around the world are minimal. After all, the covid mafia does not even need to spend a lot, bribe everyone: you just need to competently push on the pain points, "swing" the already not very stable neurotics - and then the panic will grow by itself, FREE OF CHARGE. The “ideal” option for her is when frightened citizens start shouting curses at their governments right from their balconies, demanding vaccines.

Then the job will be done..."